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Chinese chomping down Wisconsin brats

Wisconsin brats are now being grilled in China.

Johnsonville of Sheboygan Falls has opened two bratwurst restaurants in Shanghai.

They plan to have five in the near future, with a goal of 30.

Company president Bill Morgan says the business is terrific so far. Johnsonville first expanded outside the U.S. in the early 1990s.

Today, they're in 10 countries and they just received the federal government's E-Award for the quality of its exports.

Johnsonville does its homework before entering a new country. Morgan says they've learned a lot.

He says foreigners eat less, and salt levels are much lower in Europe and Asia - and his products have adjusted.

Last year, foreign sales accounted for only 5 percent of Johnsonville's total revenues of about $700 million. But it's been a big part of the company's growth.

In the last five years, Johnsonville has almost doubled its work force to around 1,400.