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LETTER: Harsdorf works hard

To the Editor:

I have known Sheila Harsdorf for many years and have great respect for her. She is a hard-working farmer who relates well to the people she represents. She studies issues carefully, is honest and is a very humble State Senator.

I am the mother of Kathy, a handicapped daughter, whom I personally cared for until I was unable to do so. My daughter was placed in a group home and after a short while, I encountered a problem there. Medical Assistance paid for her needed medicine but the staff there had used Kathy's pocket money to pay for her medicine because the pharmacist (out of town) said he had to be paid in order to fill her prescription. After much hassle, I contacted State Senator Sheila Harsdorf and relayed my story to her. She immediately contacted resources for me and within and hour the pharmacist called me back and returned Kathy's money to her!

I am 90 years old and I appreciate when matters get handled so efficiently. I learned that Sheila was compassionate and knowledgeable and there for Kathy and me. She personally addressed my problem. I never have to hesitate to call her now. Our district is fortunate to have her for our State Senator.

Lois Kordosky

River Falls