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LETTER: Negative tone disappointing

To the Editor:

I read with fascination the interviews about two friends, Sheila Harsdorf and Alison Page, in their duel campaign for State Senate. I know them both well as we graduated from the same River Falls High School. We were friends.

I was disappointed in the negative approach Alison has taken in the article, and now through a mail attack campaign against Sheila. Alison once vowed to "not run against Sheila, but for the senate" but has since changed her tune. While Sheila spoke about her accomplishments and what she wants to do, Alison dismissed Sheila by opening with "Sheila is a very pleasant human being" and proceeded into a litany of run-of-the-mill partisan attacks that you will hear from Washington D.C. politicians.

In River Falls, many people know both Alison and Sheila. Their true colors are coming out in this campaign. Alison has gone into an attack mode. I saw a couple of her negative direct mail pieces and how they twisted facts and used outdated photos to hurt Sheila. I was disappointed and saddened. Alison is conducting a negative campaign against her so-called friend using the "A Lot Has Changed" mantra. Unfortunately, it appears Alison has changed and is going to do "whatever it takes" to win. Alison is running a not so friendly campaign as I see it.

Kimaley Stapleton

River Falls