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LETTER: Harsdorf has lengthy local roots

To the Editor:

A lot has been said and will be said about the campaign for State Senate. I have lived here all my life, and we support Sheila Harsdorf, whose background in dairy farming and business is something that has stood out over the years. I had the opportunity to work with her on business issues and believe Sheila was knowledgeable and attentive on these critical economic issues.

Sheila shares the values of hard work that are important to us. She doesn't speak ill of her friends, has integrity and is somebody we can trust to represent us. I also know that what fuels Sheila's campaigns are local contributors. 90 percent of her campaign funds come from right here.

However, Alison Page has received over half of her contributions from places outside of here, some as far as Cleveland and New York. Who is she going to represent?

As a past town official, I know that Sheila has rolled up her sleeves to help us. She has the experience we need and a reform agenda. Sheila led the charge to reform the budget process and passed bills to stop meth use. Sheila's real life experience coupled with her work for us is why I offer her my support Nov. 4.

Ed Hanson

River Falls