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Battery charges filed in UPS case

It took kicking in a locked door and three rounds of Taser shots to take a New Richmond man into custody after he allegedly battered a UPS driver.

Greg Bonte, 39, of 107 S. Knowles Ave., was arrested on offenses of battery-cause harm to another with intent, disorderly conduct, theft and resisting/obstructing an officer on Dec. 23.

The initial incident took place in front of 302 S. Knowles Ave. by Eye Care Center around 12:20 p.m. A witness said Bonte entered the Eye Care Center and asked for contacts, but wasn't given any as they needed to be ordered. Bonte was allegedly upset with the answer, and yelled at the witness. Then, the witness said, Bonte saw the UPS driver and left the business.

The UPS driver stated to police that he was going to drop a package off at the Eye Care Center. The driver said "Hi" to Bonte. Bonte then allegedly grabbed the driver's computer pad and said "I know how to use this" and started to walk away.

The driver asked Bonte to give it back, but Bonte refused. The driver then allegedly grabbed Bonte by the arm, and after a slight struggle, got the computer back.

Bonte yelled at the driver and allegedly said he was in trouble for touching him. He then allegedly poked the driver in the face, leaving a scratch on the driver's face. Another witness arrived to help, and Bonte walked away.

After the altercation, officers were called to the scene by dispatch. The first officer arrived, stopped his car and yelled at Bonte to stop.

Bonte then fled to his nearby apartment. The officer followed on foot.

Bonte allegedly locked his door and refused to let the officer in. Another officer arrived to assist. Bonte allegedly denied all requests to let the officers in, so the door was kicked in.

However, the officers were not able to enter the apartment because Bonte was allegedly pushing against the door. He was told to let the officers in or be Tasered.

Bonte was then struck with Taser darts for the first time. He continued to hold the door closed.

Officers managed to open the door enough to deploy the Taser again, striking Bonte for a second time. Bonte then allegedly removed the darts and continued to hold the door closed.

An off-duty captain from the St. Croix County Sheriff's department arrived to assist. With the combined force of the three officers, they were able to enter the apartment and Taser Bonte for a third and final time. Bonte allegedly still remained standing.

Officers ordered and assisted Bonte to the ground and handcuffed him.

Bonte allegedly asked for an ambulance because he said he recently had appendix surgery. Officers observed a well-healed scar. EMS arrived and okayed Bonte, but he demanded a hospital visit.

A doctor at Westfields Hospital medically cleared Bonte, but recommended Bonte for psychological treatment.

According to the police report, Bonte has had many contacts with police. He's been known to act strangely, use excessive alcohol and get upset easily.

While at the Emergency Room, Bonte allegedly threatened to sue the New Richmond Police Department. He also allegedly struggled to answer questions appropriately and follow conversations. Bonte asked officers why he was being arrested, and they explained the alleged battery and attempted theft of the UPS driver's computer.

Bonte questioned whether or not he had the computer in his possession when officers arrested him, which he did not. He then allegedly told the officer he would like to press charges on the UPS driver for stealing the computer from him. Officers explained to him that isn't how theft works.

Bonte was taken to the St. Croix County Jail.