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Two senior facilities burglarized

Employees at The Deerfield and Boardman Meadows walked into unwelcome surprises on Friday morning.

Both facilities were burglarized sometime during the night.

The Deerfield Terrace was entered between midnight and 5 a.m. on Feb. 6, said Joann Wrich, director of the facility. Some force was used to enter the locked building, but no doors were broken, she said.

The Deerfield Terrace is not staffed all night but security rounds are made throughout the night.

The burglars were only able to gain entry into the public areas of the building, meaning the residents were not in danger, Wrich said. Any medications in the building are under 24-hour staff surveillance so the thieves didn't get to them.

Very little was taken or damaged at The Deerfield, Wrich said. Only about $10 worth of coins for Bingo are gone. Not much cash and few electronics are kept on hand.

"We were very lucky," Wrich said. "I just don't think they came to the right house."

Nothing like this has happened at The Deerfield before.

"That's what makes you kind of sick," Wrich said.

It was a similar situation at Boardman Meadows, said Rose Lenzner, housing manager. There wasn't any serious damage to doors there either.

The burglars took some tools and laundry coins from the independent living facility, she said.

Residents at Boardman Meadows were never in danger either, she assured.

"The safety of our residents is a top priority and we're addressing their concerns," Lenzner said.

The Deerfield is under video surveillance. Wrich hesitated to release details in the ongoing investigation, but did confirm the footage shows the number, race and sex of all the burglars.

Lenzner said Boardman Meadows does not have video surveillance but they're operating under the assumption that the burglars there were the same as those at The Deerfield.

The two New Richmond burglaries last week have a similar pattern to a string of burglaries in the Twin Cities, Wrich said. In those cases, the burglars entered apartment buildings.

Since the break-in, Wrich said they've rekeyed all 10 outside locks to the building and added other security measures.

Security at Boardman Meadows is also undergoing some changes, Lenzner said.

Residents at both locations have pitched in as well.

"They're teaming up. They sit and visit in the lobby. They assist any visitors who need help," Wrich said. "It improves security and gives them an opportunity to help us out."

"It (Boardman Meadows) is a close community. They watch out for each other," Lenzner said.

The burglaries are still under investigation.