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Vice president remarks on Wisconsin high-speed rail plan

Vice President Joe Biden says a proposed high-speed rail network that includes a passenger line from Chicago to the Twin Cities is one of the most comprehensive plans made so far.

Biden could not guarantee the project would get some of the $8 billion in the federal stimulus package for high-speed rail, or an additional $5 billion the White House is seeking for the same items.

Nine Midwest governors have made a joint request for $3.5 billion to help fund a massive high-speed train network.

That includes more than the Chicago-to-Twin Cities line, which would include several stops in Wisconsin and possibly a northern spur to Green Bay.

Doyle and seven other governors met with Biden on the subject in Washington Wednesday.

Doyle said the vice president appeared to be impressed with how thorough the Midwest plan is.

For now, Doyle is seeking $519 million in stimulus funds to start up a high-speed line from Milwaukee to Madison.

State officials will not find out until later this year which projects will get the first-round of rail stimulus funds.

Guidelines for the funding will be issued next month by the federal DOT.