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Almost 1,000 people cheer and boo through health care reform meeting in Milwaukee

Almost 1,000 people cheered and booed through a meeting on health care reform held in Milwaukee Wednesday by House Democrat Gwen Moore.

A federal marshal was among the security on hand, and while audience members sometimes argued amongst themselves, no one was ejected.

Most of the crowd appeared supportive of the president's reform plan, waving signs supplied by Wisconsin's Obama campaign that read "Standing Together."

Critics flashed signs reading "Stop Socialism Now," and "Kill the Bill - Not My Mother."

Moore did answer some questions from the audience, along with those submitted in advance.

That was after UW Madison professor Tom Oliver spent an hour explaining the plan now before Congress and getting cheers and cat calls himself.

When he said a federal surcharge would apply to the richest 1 percent of Americans, one person yelled "Liar!"

There were also cat calls when Oliver said no one would pull the plug on the hospitalized elderly, even though the bill does encourage doctors and patients to discuss end-of-life issues.

Moore also tried to assure the crowd that no one would force people to drop their current health coverage and the government would not tell doctors how to treat a specific patient.