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History buff enjoys recent Doughboy find

Workers on the assembly line for the Doughboy puffed rice products (during the 1940s or 1950s) put the finished packages in place for eventual shipment. The photo was among many found during Bosch's recent expansion and renovation project.

For a local history buff, three cardboard boxes were like finding a buried treasure on a deserted island.

Jim Reppe, who has helped write several books on local history, was thrilled when officials at Bosch in New Richmond found the boxes while cleaning out the records room in their facility.

The room was being readied for a major expansion project. Among the many boxes of financial records kept by the company since its early Doughboy days were several piles of old photographs, scrapbooks and more.

Reppe, who works at Bosch, is well know for his interest in the company's history and New Richmond history, so the boxes ended up in his possession.

For Reppe, who recently published a new book entitled "The History of Doughboy Industries 1856-2008," the boxes were an impressive find.

"I would have written the book differently had I found this stuff earlier," he said. "There were a lot of photos I'd never seen before."

Included among the photos were shots of the assembly line for the Doughboy puffed rice products. There are also pictures of the interior of the old feed mill on North Knowles Avenue.

There were several old articles from magazines, newsletters and promotional materials.

A scrapbook, which Reppe estimates is from the post-World War II years, provides a glimpse of the company at that time.

An old sales brochure, with the name of former owner Ed Cashman emblazoned on it was another unique find.