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Assembly committee votes tomorrow on a bill to broaden sex education in schools

A state Assembly committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a bill aimed at broadening sex education in Wisconsin schools.

They're not required to offer sex-ed but if they do, they'd have to provide information about both abstinence and contraceptives in an age-appropriate manner.

The bill's supporters say it's not enough just to promote abstinence. Planned Parenthood says kids need a more comprehensive sex-ed program, because sexually-transmitted diseases are on the rise, and teen births are going up for the first time in 15 years.

But Matt Sande of Pro-Life Wisconsin says contraception should not be taught in school, and the bill takes local control away from districts.

Just more than six in 10 offer some sort of sex education program.

The Assembly Education Committee will act on the measure.

A similar bill in the Senate will get a public hearing on Thursday.