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Forbes says Madison is the place to go for a job

If you need a job, you're more likely to find one in Madison than any other U.S. city.

That's according to Forbes magazine's Web site, which says Wisconsin's capital offers the best prospects for job seekers this year.

The Ajilon Professional Staffing firm examined unemployment and job creation rates, and they surveyed local placement firms.

They said the Madison area has "an unusually healthy outlook for job growth, and a strikingly-low unemployment rate - 3.5 percent in October, when the national rate was 6.5 percent."

Among other things, the story praised the job pool at the University of Wisconsin campus, and the efforts by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation to turn campus research into new businesses.

Two months ago, Business Week magazine said Madison was one of the nation's 10 safest cities to work in during a recession.