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Lawsuit won't stop high school graduations at church

A suburban Milwaukee school district says it will not move its high school graduation ceremonies from a large church, despite a lawsuit to stop it.

The Americans United for Separation of Church and State carried out their promise to go to court Wednesday.

They sued the Elmbrook School District in federal court, to try and get Brookfield Central and Brookfield East high schools to move their upcoming commencements to a secular place.

There's construction at both schools. And Supt. Matt Gibson says the Elmbrook Church is the only local hall that's big enough to comfortably house graduates and their families.

The church and state group says Elmbrook is violating the law against a government endorsement of religion, by forcing non-Christians to enter a house of worship.

But Gibson says his schools are acting purely for secular reasons and they believe they're following the law.

Mukwonago High and Waukesha County Tech plan to hold their graduations at Elmbrook Church, but they're not part of the suit.

New Berlin Eisenhower moved its graduation from the church to its football field, to avoid being sued.