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Wisconsin is one step closer to studying Internet voting

Wisconsin is one step closer to studying Internet voting, and other ways to make it easier for people to cast ballots.

The Government Accountability Board endorsed a five-year plan Monday that could also result in early voting on machines instead of absentee ballots and perhaps letting people use fax or e-mail to vote absentee.

Some people asked that the board require photo ID's at the polls.

But the panel refused, saying it's an issue for the Legislature to resolve.

Annette Kuglitsch of Waukesha accused the accountability panel of side-stepping the issue.

But board members said photo ID was outside the scope of the process for modernizing elections.

The federal government wanted the plan as part of the Help America Vote Act. Board member Gordon Myse said Wisconsin does not have enough voter fraud to warrant ID's at the polls.

And he said the problems outweigh the benefits. Board member Thomas Cane said Wisconsinites want it, but he said the election plan was not the place to address it.

Republican lawmakers tried three times in recent years to require photo ID's. But Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed it each time, saying it would discourage the poor and minorities from casting ballots.