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You've got to be kidding!

Trevor Radtke of New Richmond was out with the snowblower, even though the white stuff was heavy and wet.1 / 2
New Richmond city snowplow crews were out yet again Friday morning keeping the roadways clear.2 / 2

Even more snow blanketed the New Richmond area Friday morning. It was a rude thing to wake up to on April 12.

People were out clearing the wet, heavy snow to the best of their ability, while others have given up and will wait until the snow melts.

Trevor Radtke was out snowblowing early Friday, as heavy snow continued to fall.

"How do you like our spring?" he asked with a laugh.

City crews were out clearing snow as well. Quite a few accidents and slide-ins were reported across the county and the two-day snowstorm continued to pound the region.