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New Richmond librarians to retire after 60 years of service

Bev Jacobs, Marilyn Reppe and Sandy Venhor, along with Leann Koepke, will retire from New Richmond's Friday Memorial Library this week after 60 years of service.

When one chapter ends, another begins - that's how Bev Jacobs is viewing her retirement from New Richmond's Friday Memorial Library.

Jacobs, along with three other long-time librarians, will depart from the library at the end of the week taking about 60 years of service and memories with them.

"The sun came out and we just couldn't go to work anymore," Sandy Venhor told one library patron with a laugh.

Jacobs, Venhor, Leanne Koepke and Marilyn Reppe hadn't planned to retire at the same time; however, when Reppe announced her retirement, the others started to snowball, said Jacobs.

"I was the straggler," she said. "I wasn't going to retire but, after talking to my husband, we decided this was the time."

The announcement came as a shock to the other library staff, they said.

"It was a little stressful for them for a while," Venhor said. "But now that they've hired some people, they're going to be OK."

Venhor started in the library business 16 years ago when the county library was housed in New Richmond. She said a lot has changed since then.

"I was around when the computers first came in," she said. "We still get some people coming in asking where our catalog is, but everything is online now."

Jacobs said she'll miss her co-workers, but she'll miss the library patrons even more.

"They all touched our hearts," Reppe said. "Coming here every day and seeing the patrons, they made our days."

The library patrons will always be considered part of Jacob's special, expanded family, she said.

"Many will remain friends," she said.

The four women said they're looking forward to taking it easy, spending time with their grandchildren and traveling.

Reppe officially retired from the library on April 13. Jacobs and Venhor will work through Friday, May 3, and Koepke will wrap up her last day on Saturday, May 4.