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Somerset man sentenced in assault, marijuana cases

Cory T. Breault

A Somerset man convicted of assaulting a woman who let him live with her family was sentenced last week to jail and probation.

St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Scott Needham sentenced Corey T. Breault to six months in jail and three years on probation at a Thursday, Nov. 2, hearing. The 44-year-old pleaded no contest at the hearing to substantial domestic battery and going armed while intoxicated. He entered the same plea to manufacturing marijuana — a charge from a separate incident in 2016 that will be dismissed if Breault abides the terms of his probation, which include absolute sobriety and no contact with the victim or her family.

Needham admonished Breault for his actions on March 14, 2017, at the town of Somerset home he was staying at, where he assaulted a woman. The woman escaped the house and ran across the street, where she called for help while Breault remained in the house armed with a rifle.

"This entire event is not only tragic and serious and violent and inexcusable," Needham said. "It is, in my opinion, bizarre. You were invited as a guest in these folks' home."

The sentence followed a recommendation by the St. Croix County District Attorney's Office and Breault, who reached a plea agreement calling for several other charges to be dismissed. Assistant District Attorney Megan Kelly said the recommendation was reached, in part, because of Breault's willingness to be accountable for his actions.

Still, she said the incident involved Breault strangling the woman before she cowered in pain, only to receive more blows to the head.

The victim requested Breault be sentenced to at least two years of prison, saying the incident has left her scared to be in her own home — the scene of the crime.

"It is filled with flashbacks of what you did to me," she said during the hearing, noting how Breault appeared to be taking the incident lightly in the intervening months. "Maybe you can stand up today and say how funny you think this is."

Breault, who turned in the defendant's chair to watch the woman deliver her speech, later asked if he could speak directly to her when it was his turn to speak. Needham denied that request.

The assault was no way to show his gratitude for the family letting him into their house while he was on bond for the marijuana case, Breault said before apologizing to the victim.

"I was completely in the wrong," he said in court. "I wish I could take it back, but I can't."

Mike Longaecker

Mike Longaecker is a regional/enterprise reporter for RiverTown Multimedia. His coverage includes St. Croix County government, higher education and state politics in Wisconsin. 

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