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Top finishers in Battle of the Books announced

Pictured (from left) are the top four finishers in the NRMS Battle of the Books Extreme Challenge, including: Elva Crist, Dominic Sumption, Carly Rodriguez and Kira Schulze. (Submitted photo)

New Richmond Middle School

Four New Richmond Middle School students reached their goal of reading 20 chapter books to complete the NRMS Battle of the Books EXTREME Challenge.

In first place was Elva Crist, Kira Schulze was second, Carly Rodriguez was third and Dominic Sumption was fourth.

Typically students work in groups of four to read all novels and then compete in a battle in which questions are asked about each book and the contestants have to answer with the book title and author's name. The EXTREME challenge requires each participant to read all 20 books and take the battle challenge independently.

After completing the NRMS Battle, the four finalists took the state qualifying challenge online as a team.