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Somerset School Board's search to replace principal commences

District Superintendent Dr. Mark Bezek told board members he is in receipt of 25 applications for the principal's position at the high school.

"After going through them all, there are natural breaks from people with lots of experience to very little experience, but I see that we have four or five very good applicants. If you have 25 applicants, you're probably going to have six or seven that will be good interviews. We have four exceptional people that I think we'd be happy with," said Bezek.

The interview committee is scheduled to meet with Superintendent Bezek, Wednesday, at 2:30 p.m. to narrow the field down to the top 10 or 15 candidates and to consider interview questions. Candidate interviews are scheduled to take place the following Wednesday, April 26.

"Hopefully we'll have the smoke come out of the chimney that night some time," predicted Bezek.

Superintendent Bezek roughly outlined the remaining calendar for the strategic planning process for the district beginning with a meeting with the whole district on Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. He said the real work on the plan will take place during a multi day session scheduled for end of the school year.

The district participants will be divided into five teams: measurement, educational delivery or learning, facilities, community engagement and leadership.

Bezek told board members he expects to deliver the completed strategic plan to the board by June.

Other business

• Board member Nancy Dressel suggested that the board consider authoring a resolution expressing their sentiments with regard to the Governor Scott Walker's budget.

• The board recognized 2017 WIAA Scholar Athletes Haley Bassett & Nick Maitrejean, Tori Martell, Girls Basketball State 3-Point Participant, Middle Border Conference Coach of the Year, Cory Lindenberg, and Jake Wittstock, AMC Math Exam Scholarship Recipient.