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Somerset school district addresses community's concerns over staff contract

The Somerset School District released the following statement concerning the implementation of a contract for Renee Chapek on Wednesday, June 7:

"The District recently learned of community concerns related to the implementation of the contract for Renee Chapek, who has served as the District's temporary Community Education Director/Programs Supervisor since February 17, 2017. The District is always interested in feedback from the community, and in helping to keep the community informed. Because of this, the School Board has fully reviewed the issue and has determined that no wrongdoing occurred related to the creation or implementation of this contract. District staff appropriately followed the general hiring practices of the District, and the contract has properly been in effect since it's implementation.

Specifically, the Board would like to thank Ms. Chapek for her excellent work over the past several months, as it has been invaluable to the District. The Board fully supports Ms. Chapek, and would like to provide clarification to the community because of the concerns that have been raised. Ms. Chapek was hired as a 0.42 FTE, meaning that if she were employed for the entire 2016-17 school year, she would have only been part-time, working and being paid a salary equal to 42% of a regular, full-time position. Because she was hired from February 17 through June 30, she is only being paid a prorated portion of htat 0.42 FTE salary.

In the short time that she has been with the District, Ms. Chapek has done a wonderful job and should be thanked and commended.

The School Board will review its Board Policies later this summer to determine whether any internal hiring processes should be revised in light of the community concerns related to this process as we always strive to be as transparent and responsible as possible.

Specifically, the Somerset Board of Education will review policies and practices related to Human Resources and has taken action to seek a Human Resources Consultant and human resources audit. Until further notice, all hires will come to the Board for final approval."