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Cade Colbeth, life on the stage

“I can talk, I’m not afraid. I want people to feel like, “Don’t worry Cade’s here, he’s got this.” Dave Newman / RiverTown Multimedia

While in sixth grade at St. Anne’s, he played the King in “Cinderella.” He never looked back.

Cade Colbeth’s life so far, has been one of performance. On a stage, as an actor in a musical, in the orchestra pit as a musician supporting a theatrical performance, on the field in the marching band, behind a podium at forensics competitions, on stage singing with the choir or the Dynamics, on the field playing soccer, on stage playing trombone in the jazz band, or behind the microphone announcing at a basketball game, speaking, singing or playing, the Somerset senior’s presence has been synonymous with performance for the last four years.

“I’m in every single musical kind of activity they have at Somerset,” he said.

Appropriately enough, Cade will be following his older sister, Cylie, to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to study communications in the fall. He considered attending Madison, a campus he visited during a forensics competition, but felt more comfortable on the smaller school. Getting a tour from an insider, his sister, didn’t hurt either.

Fun fact, Cade might have been Casper, his mother’s choice, if it had not been for Carissa objecting to having a friendly ghost for a brother.

Given his dedication to all things musical, it is not surprising that Cade’s taste in music constitutes a wide range from Linkin Park and Metallica to Slipknot and Green Day to Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. One genre it does not include is country. Flip up his headphones lately and you are likely to hear alternative chill music by Gnash, Goody Grace and Grouplove.

Outside of school, Cade volunteers at the Summer Stretch, a once-a-week community service program conducted by his church youth group, the Rock. He also volunteers teaching younger kids at vacation Bible school and is a regular lector at Mass.

When Cade decided having a little pocket change outweighed the benefits of running track, Walmart benefited providing with him part-time employment, which he then parlayed into a full-time summer job. Look for him in the lawn and garden section or electronics.

Cade is especially grateful to Mr. Walsh, Mr. Possehl and Mr. Lindenberg for their contributions to his education. All three have contributed opportunities and examples that have increased Cade’s understanding and appreciation for different aspects of performance.

Athletic Director John Walsh provided Cade with the opportunity to announce at games and different school events. He also made Cade aware that announcing opportunities in college could lead to extra credit and even internships.

“I’m so glad Mr. Walsh gave me the opportunity to announce. It pretty much told me what I want to do with my life, set me on that path. This is what I love doing,” said Cade.

New band teacher, Mr. Possehl, has put the fun back into band.

“Mr. Possehl has added so much more fun to band. He’s someone I’ve gotten to know better each year. The better you get to know him, you realize he’s not such a serious guy at all,” said Cade.

Mr. Lindenberg set an example Cade hopes to emulate someday.

“Mr. Lindenberg has been the biggest role model for me. He’s the epitome of what a great announcer would be. Everybody has always loved hearing him announce basketball games or school functions like the talent show. Seeing that, that’s the kind of person I want to be,” said Cade.

When you meet Cade, the first thing you cannot help but notice is his energy, a lot of energy, but he is also very thoughtful, mindful of the people who have made a difference in his life. Sara Measner, the youth leader at St. Anne’s. is one such person.

“She’s been such a positive person in my life. She’s a really strong religions figure for me. Someone I would like to emulate,” said Cade.

Being number four or four siblings, Cade hopes to incorporate some of their successes into his own. Inspired by his brother, Casey’s success in the military, Cade plans to take the necessary courses and apply for an ROTC scholarship to help pay for his college education. Inspired by his sister Cylie’s work ethic, up to three jobs at a time to help pay off school loans, Cade plans to balance school, music and a part-time job once he relocates to Green Bay.

Cade appreciates the example his parents have set for him and even though he and his mom don’t always see eye to eye, he knows without her “encouragement” he would not have succeeded that way he has in high school.

“Be willing to work. I’ve seen that in my parents and my grandfather as well. Make sure to be there fully, to commit to doing something all the way to the finish,” said Cade.

Given three wishes, Cade found ways to use two right away, sort of. He’d put one wish away for safekeeping. Then operating on the premise that things get better with age, he figures he would forget about the wish only to discover it again years later making that wish all the sweeter.   

“My dad has always said, kind of jokingly, “If you lose something, it’s so much more fun to find it than just having it in the first place,” said Cade.

With the other wish, get this; Cade would like a day off.

“Just to have one day where I don’t have to do anything. A day where I could actually just sit there and just relax and do whatever it is that I want to do and not what everybody else wants me to do,” said Cade.

Looking back at the last four years, Cade is most proud of his efforts to raise school spirit at Somerset High.

“I’ve been trying to raise school spirit. I’ve tried to be the excited one to get people up and cheering. I think it’s going in the right direction,” said Cade.

Looking forward, Cade doesn’t hesitate to say he is ready.

“I’m so ready to go to college, if I could I’d move in tomorrow, I would,” said Cade.

But it is not just the chance to be on his own that excites Cade. He is confident in himself and his voice. It seems almost certain; Cade Colbeth will end up being the voice for someone.  

“I can talk, I’m not afraid. I want people to feel like, “Don’t worry Cade’s here, he’s got this.”