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Kiwanis honors Kier by donation to early literacy

Kiwanis Club President Steve Wojan (left) presents a donation to Starr Elementary School teacher Greg Kier during an honorarium June 26 at Ready Randy's in New Richmond. Photo submitted by Steve Wojan

The Kiwanis Club of New Richmond made a donation to Starr Elementary School's Early Literacy Program in the name of one of its instructors, Greg Kier. The donation was part of an honorarium presented to Kier at a meeting June 26 at Ready Randy's in New Richmond.

The local chapter of Kiwanis International, which has been providing support and service to communities and youth for over 95 years, asked Kier to speak at the Kiwanis honor students banquet, celebrating New Richmond High School seniors graduating with high academic achievement. As a token of appreciation, Kiwanis gave an honorarium to Starr Elementary School to be used for early literacy initiatives.

Starr Elementary School is working to improve early literacy for its future kindergarten students.

"From birth to the start of school, children learn at a fantastic rate. They are like sponges," Kier said. "They soak up new learning more than any other stage of life."

Several Starr Elementary staff members are working to get more books into the hands of parents and children before kindergarten starts.

"1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" is a program already under way in New Richmond (and is financially supported by Kiwanis) but more work is needed to support the youngest learners coming to Starr Elementary School. The honorarium from Kiwanis will help further the early literacy cause.