NRMS September Students of the Month announced


Name: Ireland Green

Grade: 6

Parent (s) Name: Lindsay and Joe Green

Favorite Class: Math

Favorite activities: soccer.

What I like about school... meeting new friends.

Name: Will Feuerer

Grade: 6

Parent (s) Name: Kathy Rogers, Dave Gerberding and Paul Feuerer

Favorite Class: Social studies

Favorite activities: Football, basketball, frisbee and hanging out with friends.

What I like about school... having all different teachers.

Name: Phoebe Zdroik

Grade: 6

Parent (s) Name (s): Tracy and Tony Zdroik

Favorite Class: Extended literature

Favorite activities: Dance, reading, traveling and boating.

What I like about school...Switching classes, music and encore classes.

Name: Andy Johnson

Grade: 6

Parent (s) Name (s): Lisa and Tom Johnson

Favorite Class: Science and math

Favorite activities: Hockey, tennis and target shooting

What I like about school is...You get more independence than elementary.

Name: Kailey Stevens

Grade: 7

Parent(s) name(s): Amy and Chris Stevens

Favorite activities: Art

What I like about school is....Seeing my friends and cross-country.

Name: Kellan Storie

Grade: 7

Parent (s) Name (s): Andy Brinkman and Karen Storie

Favorite Class: Spanish

Favorite activities: Volleyball

What I like about school is: I like to better myself and meet new teachers and friends.

Name: Carson Emmerich

Grade: 7

Parent (s) Name (s): Greg and Jodi Emmerich

Favorite Class: Science

Favorite activities: Football, basketball, baseball, fishing and golf.

What I like about school is...The experiment sand projects we do.

Name: Josh Mealey

Grade: 7

Parent (s) Name (s): Jodi and Matt Mealey.

Favorite Class: Mr. Stowers — geography.

Favorite activities: Reading, playing with friends, watching "Doctor Who," music and video games.

What I like about school is: Seeing my teachers, lunch, recess, seeing my friends and field trips.

Name: Sawyer Joachim

Grade: 8

Parent (s) Name (s): Brenna and Wes Joachim

Favorite Class: Math

Favorite activities: Hunting

What I like about school is...Hanging out with friends.

Name: Charlie Salmon

Grade: 8

Parent (s) Name (s): Kevin and Jeanne Salmon.

Favorite Class: American history

Favorite activities: Fishing, basketball, baseball and football.

What I like about school is...Seeing friends.

Name: Mia Ficociello

Grade: 8

Parent (s) Name (s): Marnie Blackman

Favorite Class: Science and band

Favorite activities: Playing sports

What I like about school is... Being in a friendly environment

Name: Stella Kosin

Grade: 8

Parent (s) Name (s): Rose Kosin

Favorite Class: Literature

Favorite activities: Skiing, swimming, snowboarding and shopping

What I like about school is...seeing my friends.