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SES honors Students of the Month for being respectful

Pictured are the Somerset Elementary November Students of the Month who were recently honored at a Spartan Way Assembly for being respectful. Photo courtesy of Somerset Elementary

Somerset Elementary students were honored for being respectful during the month of November during a Spartan Way Assembly held at the school.

Kindergarten students honored included: Zola Gubricky, Everett Decker, Brahm McWilliams, Ivan Erickson, Haley Quist and Olivia Nelson.

First grade students included: Owen Kadlec, Leyton Williams, Elsa Mroz, Morgen Dannhoff and Isabelle Summerset.

Second grade students included: Lily Braithwaite, Abigale Landgren, Seth Kaczmarek, Zachary Kruger and Anna Nichols.

Third grade students were: Hailey Carlson, Kasyn Mendlik, Owen Plantenberg and Clara Pope.

Fourth grade students included: Beckett Jeska, Lily Peterson, Robert Goserud, Madison Ostertag and Blake Fox.