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Panther Pause Column: Most valuable asset

Tim Widiker

The students at SCC are our most valuable resource. The staff at SCC is our most valuable asset. Programs, policies or procedures don't change lives; people do. The staff and student populations continue to grow at SCC and so does our circle of influence. It is critical that every student at SCC feels they have one or more adults at school that cares deeply about their well-being.

I swell with pride when I hear someone tell us what great schools we have at SCC. When they say that, they aren't actually referring to our facilities or budget or policies. What they really mean is, "I have had a very positive experience with the staff at SCC." Our staff goes way beyond the call of duty countless times each day. Our staff makes hundreds of great decisions individually and thousands collectively each day. Our staff gives the best of their hearts and minds to the students of SCC.

That is why I wholeheartedly believe that attracting, hiring and retaining outstanding employees is one of the most important things we do each year. Every job opening is an opportunity to get even better. Our goal is to positively impact every student, every chance, every day, and bricks, busses and budgets can't do that. People make the difference. Outstanding people change lives.

On the other hand the adage "One bad apple can spoil the barrel" holds true as well. One bad experience with one SCC staff member can hurt the reputation of our entire school. That is also something we work hard to prevent. If a staff member's actions do not align with our vision or mission, we take action. Our kids deserve it.

Every employee at SCC is an educator. Our bus drivers, cooks, custodians, secretaries, paraprofessionals, counselors, nurses, psychologists, IT, district office staff, directors, supervisors, teachers and administrators all play a part in the education of our students. Most interact with students each day and help make their experience at school a positive one. Many go unnoticed by working behind the scenes to support those that are most visible, but their work is equally important to our success.

I'm proud of our school district for many reasons. I wanted to highlight our staff in this article because this is the time of year that there are additions and subtractions to our staff, and each job opening is an opportunity to get even better. And every year, we work hard to make SCC a great place to work in order to retain the outstanding staff we have. You have my unwavering commitment to put the best educators in front of our students. They deserve our best.