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Celebrating March Students of the Month

Pictured are the Somerset Middle School March Students of the Month, including: Leah Ellickson, Britni Detsch, Cooper Kuehn, Paige Turner, Hayley Settum, Mason Miller, Teagan McKenzie, Jesse Wright, Robert Slayton, Malena Siskow, Audrey Leonard and Torsten Strom. Jordan Willi / RiverTown Multimedia

Leah Ellickson is a pleasure to have in the classroom! She is calm and focused on the outside, and then you see her sense of humor and playfulness pop out at just the right time. These traits make Leah someone that others want to be around. Leah is a hard worker who is focused on learning as much as she possibly can while she is here at school. She will go far in life and like so many of our students, we can't wait to see what is in store for her as she grows into adulthood!

Britni Detsch continually demonstrates the qualities needed to be a highly successful student. Britni is a hard worker who responds very well to instruction. The past few months, Britni has greatly increased her classroom participation, and asks questions often. Britni is a role model among her peers. She sets an excellent example for her classmates to follow. Britni always tries her very best. She cares for our school and everyone around her. She is an excellent student, and an asset to Somerset Middle School.

Cooper Kuehn demonstrates strong moral character on a regular basis. He works hard, and is kind to his teachers and classmates. Cooper takes an active role in his education, and is a pleasure to have in class.

Paige Turner: You can always find Paige appreciative and willing to help; her positivity is truly contagious to those around her. On top of that, Paige is a bright girl who always strives to do her best in class. Thanks for being a great role model for others, Paige!

Hayley Settum continually displays her kindness and willingness to help others. Her excellent work ethic is apparent in the quality of her work. However, Hayley doesn't stop there! Her quiet demeanor and leadership qualities also set her apart. You're a great kid, Hayley!

Mason Miller enters class each day ready to put his best foot forward! He is always on task and working hard at listening during instruction. We can count on Mason to bring his positive attitude wherever he goes. Thanks, Mason, for being a superb student at SMS.

Teagan McKenzie is a joy to have in class! She shares her bright smile with us each day and strives to do her best academically. Teagan communicates YOU Matter to her classmates by being helpful and friendly. She is a Top 20 student because she is respectful and responsible. Congratulations Teagan!

Jesse Wright is such a pleasant, cheerful, cooperative fellow as well as being a very hard worker. Jesse has made tremendous growth in his academic skills this school year.

Robert Slayton is respectful and cooperative. He is friendly and works well with other students. Robert does well in all of his classes and is highly interested in science topics. Congratulations Robert!

Malena Siskow is a bright and talented young lady. She works hard in class and does very well academically. Malena is a kind and caring friend to her peers, a person whom others know can be counted on to be a good listener and friend. Malena is also cheerful, polite, and respectful.

Audrey Leonard is such an amazing young lady to have in class. Audrey has a wonderful aptitude for academics as well as a wry sense of humor. Her work ethic will make for a successful future at the high school. Congratulations!

Torsten Strom helps himself and others succeed in class by participating and adding ideas to the work at hand. He is very personable with school staff and students. Torsten is a role model to other students and he works hard to be cooperative and work to his top abilities.