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Panther Pause: And down the stretch they come!

Chance Langeness

Last week Mr. Nusbaum shared the changes that have been successfully implemented at the middle school. Along with those, we have seen many specific wonderful achievements from our students - all of which are proof of the hard work and dedication of our students and staff and just another reason we are so proud of everything that happens daily at St. Croix Central Middle School.

Kicking it off with fifth grade, we had two teams compete in the Regional Math Masters Competition here in our SCCMS gym. Throughout the day we had nearly 200 students from surrounding school districts competing. The SCC teams took home many awards, including the afternoon team taking third place overall! Fifth graders have also been busy with the return of our Spring Science Fair. Students spent time forming a hypothesis and conducting experiments to test their scientific questions. They then presented their findings at the fair where fellow middle schoolers and even some volunteer high school "judges" (thank you Mrs. Hinzman!) were able to celebrate all of their hard work.

Last week, our sixth graders finished up their annual Wax Museum which is centered around the Middle Ages. This is a cross-curricular event which began with studying music from Medieval times in choir and band, studying Medieval tools and catapults in Science, calculating castle dimensions in math, reading "Crispin" in literacy, researching and writing a paper in language arts, and studying the life and times of the people in the Middle Ages in social studies. Through all of these events the students accrue a great deal of knowledge about the Middle Ages in an engaging and memorable way.

The seventh graders recently spent time on a unique project requiring them to create their own newscasts. These newscasts had all the typical news segments - sports, weather, and local and national news - but students choose their own stories to present. The most exciting aspect of this project was recording the segments in front of our "green screen" allowing students to pick out the pictures they wanted to support their stories.

Our eighth graders are gearing up for their annual Washington D.C. trip that will take place at the end of May. On May 20, students and chaperones will board buses that will carry them on their journey. Throughout the five-day trip students will experience many of the nation's most historic treasures on this memory-making excursion. Key highlights include stops at Gettysburg, National Mall Monuments (Washington, Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam, Korea), the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Capitol Building, FDR and Martin Luther King Memorials, the Smithsonian Museum, and even a Washington Nationals' baseball game. What an amazing trip!

Our bands and choirs continue to grow and learn in their classes. April is Jazz Appreciation Month - our band students learned about the history of jazz and listened to clips of legendary jazz artists each day.

As the year draws to a close, so will our yearly concerts. The annual Pops Concerts will be held in May. These concerts are often audience favorites as they feature well known music from musicals, movies, and rock and pop genres. We invite you to join us for these wonderful events: sixth grade band and choir pops concert - May 7, 6 p.m. (high school auditorium); seventh and eighth grade and middle school jazz bands pops concert - May 8, 6 p.m. (high school auditorium); fifth grade choir pops concert - May 10, 6:30 p.m. (middle school multipurpose room); seventh and eighth grade choir pops concert - May 15, 6 p.m. (high school auditorium).

In conjunction with the fifth grade concert on May 10, SCC staff will host the last of the year's three ALIVE dinners. The high school put on a chili feed in December, and the elementary served their meal at the annual Dr. Seuss Night. The ALIVE organization was created by the staff of SCC around 20 years ago as a way to give back to the community. Each school year, staff generously donate funds to cover the start-up of each fundraiser throughout the year. The ALIVE Committee then takes the money raised at the fundraisers and disperses it as a gesture of good will to support members in the community that have fallen on hard times. Please join us between 4-7 p.m. on May 10, for the Middle School ALIVE dinner. This year's meal will be pizza, Caesar salad, breadsticks and dessert (free-will donation).