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Celebrating SMS April Students of the Month

Pictured are the Somerset Middle School April Students of the Month, including: (front, from left) Madi Hohler, Logan Gostovich, Adam Knefelkamp, Mason Anderson, Mollie McKenzie, Maya Webster; (back, from left) Zianna Rivard, Maggie Pelletier, Victor Landgren and Joey Szulim. Not pictured are Charles Hommen and Dominic Martin. Jordan Willi / RiverTown Multimedia

Maya Webster has demonstrated responsibility by persevering through difficult lessons to achieve greater understanding and confidence. Maya sets the example for her peers of how hard work can accomplish extraordinary results.

Dominic Martin works hard, and puts forth his best effort. He is kind to his teachers and classmates. Dominic also is responsible and respectful. He is a pleasure to have in class.

Mollie McKenzie continually demonstrates the qualities needed to be a highly successful student. Mollie comes to school every day with a positive attitude. She is a hard worker who always tries her best. Mollie is a role model among her peers and sets an excellent example for her classmates to follow. She cares for our school and everyone around her. Mollie is a fantastic student and an asset to Somerset Middle School.

Adam Knefelkamp is a diligent, hard working student and an excellent role model. He is also a very respectful listener. You are a Super Spartan Adam!

Logan Gostovich is a kind and caring student and friend. Logan is always prepared and on task. He is a super group member and consistently works very hard. Logan listens to others and teachers respectfully at all times. Thanks for being an amazing role model!

Madisyn Hohler is the model of a successful student. Madi is prepared each day. She is such an outstanding role model with her listening skills and hard work ethic. She is always respectful to peers and teachers.

Victor Landgren is an exemplary student and leads by example. He does what is asked and more with few if any need for reminders. He is a great example for other students, knowing when it is time to work but also having some fun when the time is right. He demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and is what many would call a "quiet leader." He simply goes about his business, showing students how its done without drawing attention to himself. Along with his leadership skills, he also does a great job of advocating for himself and is not afraid to stick his neck out there to ask questions. Victor makes everyone around him better. It will be exciting to watch his leadership skills continue to grow as he moves into eighth grade!

Joey Szulim is someone his teachers, classmates, and friends can depend on. He puts forth good effort. He is a positive leader for his peers and sets a good example for them. People know they can count on Joey to be responsible and do the right thing. He tries hard, is there for others and makes our world a better place.

Mason Anderson works very hard in his classes and his teachers agree that he is an example of what a seventh grade student should be. Mason is a very quiet and hardworking student. Many times during class, Mason will volunteer to answer questions or help others. Mason is a positive person and fun for people to be around.

Charles Hommen is one of the kindest and hardest working students at Somerset Middle School. Charles always gives 100 percent effort in everything he does in all of his classes. Charles is also one of the best friends any student could ask for. He is willing to help out a fellow student or a teacher with anything that they need. When Charles sees a problem, he tries to figure out a way to fix that problem. Charles Hommen demonstrates exactly what it means to be a Somerset Student of the Month!

Zianna Rivard is an outstanding demonstration of our school's Top 20 expectations. Zianna helps other students succeed by constantly being helpful and hardworking! Although quiet, she will assist any class member who may have questions or is stumped on a difficult problem. Zianna fully participates in all classroom activities, even when others are avoiding the task. She is pleasant to everyone in our building!

Maggie Pelletier is a kind, polite, and respectful young woman. Additionally, she is a very hard worker who consistently demonstrates tremendous effort and quality in her work. When rated by her peers, she exceeded expectations for being a good group member by being a good listener, being prepared for group work, and being a positive leader. Maggie is the kind of person who represents herself, her family, and her school with character and positivity.