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SCC middle ages wax museum a success

Brody Peissig poses as the hunter during the SCC Middle School Middle Ages Wax Museum, which took place on April 24. Photo courtesy of the SCC Middle School1 / 3
Aubri Petersohn dressed as the grain merchant for the 2018 SCC Middle Ages Wax Museum on April 24. Photo courtesy of the SCC Middle School2 / 3
Kendall Sundby is dressed as the physician for this year's SCC Middle Ages Wax Museum event. Photo courtesy of the SCC Middle School3 / 3

On Tuesday, April 24, the sixth graders from St. Croix Central Middle School held the 2018 Middle Ages Wax Museum at the middle school.

Throughout the day, third through eighth graders came to visit the wax museum where the sixth graders posed as statues of people from the Middle Ages. Each statue represented a different job that was started during the Middle Ages. Some of the jobs that were seen included bakers, artists, potters, lawyers, engineers and fishermen. This was an integrated unit which was introduced by the music department at their concert in March where songs from the Middle Ages were sung and played.

The sixth graders researched information about the Middle Ages, created a shield with written paragraphs and drawings prepared by the students in language arts. "Crispin: The Cross of Lead" by Avi was read in literacy to help students gain an understanding of what it was like to be a young boy living in the Middle Ages. In social studies, students learned about feudalism and how it impacted the people, how towns and jobs were started and what eventually led to the end of the Middle Ages. In math, students looked up Medieval period castles and drew one to scale. In science, students explored Medieval weaponry, metal technology, and alchemy. Thank you to everyone who attended the Wax Museum and to the middle school staff, parents and sixth graders who made this event possible.