SHS musicians earn a dozen 1 ratings


The Somerset High School music department had a successful day, with 12 students performing 14 different events at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival in Eau Claire on May 12.

"It was an awesome day and the kids gave some wonderful performances," said Somerset choir instructor Jaimie Palbicki.

Twelve of the 14 Somerset events received 1 ratings, which is the highest rating possible at state, and the other two received 2 ratings.

Somerset's Kayla Huerta was nominated for an Exemplary Award for her Soprano Solo.

Here are Somerset's results for the state festival.

1 Rating

Kennedi Kjellberg, soprano solo

Olivia Millies, soprano solo

Mackenzie Eickhoff, alto solo

Tristen Gow, baritone or bass solo

Kayla Huerta, soprano solo

Sally Bodlovick, music theatre solo

Ben Garcia, baritone or bass solo

Kayla Huerta, SSA trio

Ben Garcia, music theatre solo

Kayla Huerta, music theatre solo

Alexis Meuers, flute solo

Mara Erickson, piano solo

2 Rating

Zeb Rivard, baritone or bass solo

Zeb Rivard, music theatre solo