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SMS announces May Students of the Month

The Somerset Middle School May Students of the Month include: (front, from left) Nick Champman, Emma Settem, Morgan Kjellberg, Hannah Mroz, Avery Skow; (back, from left) Corey Rose, Tyler Hutter, Wyatt Mendlik, Libbie Churchich, Bryce Toenjes, Roxanne Ring, Izzy Eskierka, Erin Huerta, Mia Liedl and Madi Young. Jordan Willi / RiverTown Multimedia

Emma Settem is an exceptional student. She applies her varied talents to each and every task. Emma has a quiet, persistent nature that makes her a joy to teach.

Avery Skow is kind and caring. She has a strong, hard-working approach to school. Avery also goes above and beyond to help her classmates and teachers. Avery is a pleasure to have in class and an asset to the fifth grade.

Hannah Mroz is a hard worker who is focused on learning as much as she possibly can while she is here at school. Hannah always sees the positives in any situation. This makes her someone that others enjoy being around. It is a pleasure to have Hannah in the classroom. She will go far in life and like so many of our students, we can't wait to see what is in store for her as she grows into adulthood!

Morgan Kjellberg is a wonderful student who is always willing to go the extra mile. You can always count on Morgan to have a positive attitude and a willingness to help others in class. Her work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to her classmates and has earned herself a leadership role in the classroom. Thanks for being an amazing role model, Mogan!

Wyatt Mendlik consistently demonstrates a positive attitude in the classroom as well as in his interactions with peers and teachers. He is a respectful, diligent and hardworking student who is always on task and helpful to classmates. He contributes to class discussions on a regular basis. Thanks, Wyatt, for making SMS a great place to be!

Izzy Eskierka is very conscientious about getting things done on time and she makes sure they are done well. Her exceptional work ethic shows in the quality of the school work she completes. Izzy works well with everyone and really tries to include and help her peers understand the concepts being covered in class. Izzy was a CEO at JA Biztown. She took control of her group and was a positive leader to the others. Congratulations Izzy, and keep up the great work!

Nick Chapman demonstrates enthusiasm and he is excited to learn. Nick throws his hand into the air to share ideas, ask questions, or contribute a thought during classroom instruction. He has unique ideas that encourage thoughts from other students, and he is never afraid to question what he does not understand. Nick is kind to all of his classmates, in fact it is hard to find a seat for him because he gets along with everyone! Nick has academically grown so much this year, it has been a pleasure to witness!

Tyler Hutter is a person that his teachers, classmates and friends can depend on to treat others fairly. He is always willing to listen to and accept the ideas of others. Tyler sets a great example for his peers. He is responsible in his behavior and school work. He can always be counted on to do the right thing. He tries hard, is there for others, and makes our world a better place.

Libbie Churchich is a spectacular example of what it means to be a student of the month. Libbie cares about the individuals around her as well as her learning. Libbie is an exemplary reader, writer, speaker, and listener. Libbie is a character-filled individual. We are proud to have Libbie as our student of the month.

Mia Liedl has been such an amazing young lady to have in class. Mia has a wonderful aptitude for being precise and isn't afraid to ask questions or take chances in the classroom setting. Her kindness to her peers is a quality that is sought after and will serve her well in her future academics.

Corey Rose is such a pleasure to have in the classroom. Along with a strong academic purpose, kindness towards others and respect for adults is commonplace for him.

Erin Huerta continually demonstrates the traits of a "Top 20" student. She is always willing to help out a fellow student or teacher when they need her. When Erin sees a problem, she fixes the problem. Erin is also very kind to everyone. She never talks poorly about others, especially when they are not around. Erin knows that her number one job is to help the people around her succeed. Erin is truly a model middle school student!

Roxanne Ring is an amazing, hard-working young woman. She is a creative and thoughtful thinker, bringing interesting ideas to discussions and her work. In addition to tremendous academic success, Roxanne consistently demonstrates character; she is polite and considerate to all who are around her. She is a pleasure to have in class and to know as a person!

Madi Young is an excellent student and friend, always showing great care and empathy for others. Madi works very hard in class and participates well. Her grades are excellent. She is also very kind, polite, and respectful.

Bryce Toenjes is the definition of an all-around nice guy! He is fun-loving, considerate, and polite to his classmates and teachers. In addition to being a spark of light wherever he goes, he works hard in school to follow directions, complete work on time, and meet standards. Bryce has shown a willingness to work hard, demonstrate character, and be a positive influence on our school.