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SMS announces October Students of the Month

The October Somerset Middle School Students of the Month include: Chloe Greeder, MaryAnn Westlake (not pictured), Vincent Grambart, Kulyn Burrier, Emma Settem, Leah Ellickson, Sydney Hahn, Finn Davies, Mason Miller, McKenna Burger, Emelia Midbrod and Parker Lytle. Jordan Willi / RiverTown Multimedia

Chloe Greeder is a hard worker and strives to do her best. She is also someone who her classmates and teachers can depend on. She is willing to help others succeed and make them feel like they matter. Chloe does her best each and every day and makes our world a better place.

MaryAnn Westlake is a dedicated student. She works hard with great focus to complete assignments, she persists when the work is challenging, and she asks questions when she uncertain. MaryAnn is also very kind and helpful. She is an asset to our school community.

Vincent Grambart: It is a pleasure to have Vincent in the classroom! He is a hard worker who is focused on learning as much as he possibly can while he is here at school. Vince always sees the positives in any situation. He has a great sense of humor. He will go far in life and like so many of our students, we can't wait to see what is in store for him as he grows into adulthood! Vincent is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Kulyn Burrier is a fantastic example of what a middle school student should be. He works hard in his classes, is kind to his classmates, and always shares a smile with those around him. Kulyn is excellent at communicating to others that they matter. He always has something nice to say and will help out other students when they need it. Kulyn Burrier is a true Spartan!

Emma Settem has a kindness that is infectious to those around her. Emma is committed to making sure she is successful and that those around her succeed. Besides being a great person, Emma is also a fantastic student. She is always prepared for her classes and gives 100 percent at everything she does. Emma is a model student here at Somerset!

Leah Ellickson is the kind of student that makes the room light up when she walks in. She has a sense of humor that makes everyone laugh and feel comfortable around her. Leah is committed to the classroom agreement. Besides showing exemplary behavior to others, Leah also has an exemplary work ethic. Leah continually works hard in all of her classes and always gives her best effort.

Sydney Hahn stands out as a student who asks "How?" and "Why?" Sydney is not afraid to ask questions that lead her to better understanding. She is a critical thinker. Sydney strives to do her best each day in all of her classes. She is friendly and easy for both teachers and her classmates to work with. We enjoy having Sydney as a student and are lucky to have her here at SMS!

Finn Davies always has a smile on his face. He is a kind, helpful classmate and always on task. Finn loves to read, and has a true interest in learning.

Mason Miller is not an outspoken leader but a great student for others to look up to. Mason leads by example. From coming to class on time to completing work on time, Mason demonstrates what it means to be a responsible and hard working student. He is diligent in his work, always making sure he understands things and taking his time to clearly demonstrate and articulate his learning. Along with his studious habits, Mason also has a lighter side and can make his classmates (and teachers) laugh with just the right comments. A true pleasure to have in class, Mason makes those around him better and can have a little fun at the same time.

McKenna Burger has been such an amazing young lady to have in class. McKenna has a wonderful aptitude for being precise and conscientious in the classroom while setting a keen example of what a Student of the Month looks like. Her kindness to her peers is a quality that is sought after and will serve her well in her future academics.

Emelia Midbrod embodies all things a student should be: kind, considerate and hard-working. She is polite to others, respectful of staff and always willing to participate and help others learn. In addition, she is a joy to be around with her infectious smile and cheerful demeanor. Emmy is a pleasure to have in class!

Parker Lytle is an outstanding young man. How do we know? Parker is always engaged in class. He is part of class discussion either through asking questions or answering questions. Parker is one of the first to volunteer in science class to show how he solved the problem or to explain how he can connect what we are learning to life outside of school. Secondly, Parker is one of the first to offer help to another student or even an adult. If you watch him in class or just in our building he is one of our leaders that is there for others and doing the right thing when no one is looking. Third, Parker loves to bake and makes great chocolate chip cookies according to Mr. Hutter. Lastly, Parker has a great demeanor about himself. He greets you with a smile and strives to do his best at all times.