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NRMS holds annual Battle of the Books Extreme Challenge

A total of 11 NRMS students and a team of teachers recently took part in the school's annual Battle of the Books Extreme Challenge. Submitted photo

New Richmond Middle School held its annual Battle of the Books Extreme Challenge on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Students were challenged to read 20 novels from a selected list and be able to identify the title of the book and author when questioned.

Eleven students competed in this year's challenge. Additionally, an enthusiastic teacher team competed against individual students.

Ella Weide finished in first place, also tying the teacher team with 16 out of 20 questions correct.

The top four individuals in the challenge qualify to form a team and compete online at the state level. This year's qualifiers included: Ella Weide, Josh Mealey, Amelia Mehls and Elizabeth Perry.

Student competitors included: Landon Ladwig, Josh Mealey, Ian Mews, Madison Stein, Amelia Mehls, Sydney Schradle, Bradon Salmon, Elizabeth Perry, Kyle Mealey, Soley Crist and Ella Weide.