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Contract stalls at mediation

Members of the New Richmond School Board Teacher Personnel Committee met with state meditator Steve Morrison on June 24 to discuss the teachers' contract.

According to District Administrator Morrie Veilleux, no agreement was reached between the two groups.

Sticking points remain in the areas of health coverage, health insurance contribution amounts, per cell salary increases and some "give and take on the retirement language," according to Veilleux.

The Personnel Committee will report the outcome of the mediation session to the full School Board on July 3 in a closed session.

"After the Board meets, if everyone is in favor of another mediation, the Personnel Committee is authorized to request it," Veilleux said.

Veilleux said he is hopeful that the two sides will "at least get back to the table through the mediation process."

Personnel Committee member Chris Skoglund echoes Veilleux's sentiments.

"We are still hopeful to continue to make progress," she said.

The Personnel Committee consists of Greg Gartner, chair, Chris Skoglund and Bryan Schafer.

If another mediation is not scheduled, the issue will go to arbitration, said Veilleux.

This means it will take approximately six months from the arbitration request filing date to receive a decision on the contract issue.