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April snow delays school again

Cynthia Cohrs of New Richmond brushes the snow off her vehicle on Tuesday mroning. Snow buried vehicles and hung on trees throughout the area.1 / 3
Pam Bump sent along a photo of a snowman, created on Tuesday, that had a little fun at the expense of our late-arriving spring. The snowman (or snowwoman) was seen wearing a bathing suit.2 / 3
Bob and Henri Olson sent in a photo of their snow-laden trees after Monday and Tuesday's late-spring snow. Some trees gave way in the region under the weight of the snow.3 / 3

Thanks to an overnight snow storm, the start of the school day in New Richmond, Somerset and St. Croix Central was delayed on Tuesday, April 23.

Schools in those districts, and others around the area, will begin two hours late this morning.

Numerous accidents were reported as vehicles tried to navigate slushy roads. Some trees fell due to the heavy, wet snow, causing issues for some powerlines.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of five to six inches of snow fell across the region. The never-ending winter may be coming to an end, however. Forcasters are predicting temperatures in the 60s and perhaps the 70s by Sunday.