New Richmond schools add June 10 to the calendar


New Richmond High School has its fingers crossed that the snow is finally gone.

Students in New Richmond who thought their school year was ending on June 7 will now have to attend classes on June 10, thanks to Mother Nature.

The district was working hard this spring to ensure students would not have to return to the classroom for an extra school day; however, the May 2 snow day has forced the district to extend the school year.

Previously school administrators adjusted school schedules to make up time, reducing passing time between periods and starting the school day five minutes early for the high school.

"There was no way around this," said Morrie Veilleux, district administrator. "We were going to be short hours before but this was going to put us short on days."

The state requires a school calendar to include 175 days of instruction, Veilleux said. With the May 2 snow day, New Richmond would have had only 174.

New Richmond High School's seniors, who will graduate on May 24, are not expected to return for the makeup day.

In fact, Veilleux said, it doesn't matter how many students attend class on that last day of school. As long as the 175 days are offered, the district will meet all requirements.

"There are reasons the students should be there that last day," he said. "But we don't need a certain number to attend in order for it to count."

Attendance will be taken like any other day, he said. Students are allowed up to 10 excused absences per semester.

Summer Stretch, the district's summer school program, was slated to begin June 10 but will instead begin Tuesday, June 11.