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Candidates emerge from area caucuses

Now that all municipal caucuses have taken place, ballots are set for all the April 7 races that won’t require a primary election.

The following is a list of candidates who were nominated through a caucus process in January and whose names will appear on voters’ ballots. In most cases incumbents are running unopposed, but there are a few exceptions.

Village of Deer Park

Incumbent Village President Randy Olson, incumbent Trustee Arlyn Severson and incumbent Constable Ron Meier are all running unopposed.

Village of Star Prairie

Incumbent Village President Greg Gibson is facing a challenge from Chad Peterson, who is currently serving as a trustee.

Incumbent Trustee Chris Boardman and Dan Scheeringa will be on the ballot for the two trustee seats. Incumbent Trustee Jerry Soderquist is stepping down.

Town of Cylon

In the Town of Cylon, it doesn’t appear that any of the faces will change in municipal leadership. Chairperson Randall Zemke, Supervisor Dennis Erickson, Supervisor Kevin Derrick, Clerk Brenda Kaczmarski and Treasurer Jenny Arduser will all be on the ballot unopposed.

Town of Erin Prairie

Unless a write-in candidate surprises everyone, there will be zero turnover in the Town of Erin Prairie leadership this spring. Chairperson John Van Dyk, Supervisor Dennis Mitchell, Supervisor Mike Monteith and Clerk/Treasurer Jackie Mitchell are all running unopposed.

Town of Hammond

Incumbents appear to be safe in the Town of Hammond. No one has risen to challenge Chairperson Paul Hueg, Supervisor Bob Aune or Supervisor Greg Gillis.

Town of Richmond

Chairperson Gary Knutson and Supervisor Jim Peirson appear to have a clear path to victory as they will be unopposed on the ballot. However, Supervisor Richard Volkert has decided to not run this time around, and David Stephens is seeking to fill his seat.

Town of St. Joseph

The Town of St. Joseph will see some change in leadership as incumbent Chairperson Dan Gavin is not seeking re-election. Kevin Adkins, who previously served as a supervisor is facing current First Supervisor Tom Spaniol for the chairperson seat.

Second Supervisor Dan Thompson has decided to not run for re-election. His seat will be filled by either Steve Bohl or Mike Long. Incumbent Fourth Supervisor Joy Packard is facing a challenge from Rick Colbeth, who has previously served as a supervisor as well.

Town of Warren

Incumbents in Warren appear to be safe. Chairperson Mike Kamm, Supervisor Grace Hoyer and Supervisor David Cowles will be unopposed on the April ballot.

Micheal Foley
Micheal Foley worked at RiverTown Multimedia from July 2013 to June 2015 as editor at the New Richmond News. 
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