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New Richmond police approved for new vehicle

Back in August, newly-appointed New Richmond Police Chief Craig Yehlik approached the city council about the potential purchase of a police special services vehicle.

The council, at that time, gave Yehlik the green light to begin putting out bids for a vehicle.

By the end of September, one bid had been received, so the council accepted Yehlik’s proposal that the scope of the search be widened so that it would include a V-8 engine and was a sedan-type vehicle.

Yehlik reported at the Monday, Oct. 24, work session that the requests for bids were hand-delivered to each of the three local dealerships.

What Yehlik got back were bids for a Ford Explorer ($43,120); a Chevrolet Tahoe ($36,164); a Dodge Durango ($29,580); and a Dodge Charger ($25,310). All vehicles were 2017 models.

The staff recommendation asked that the bid from Bernard’s Northtown for the purchase of the 2017 Dodge Durango be accepted.

It was the Durango that met all the specifications the department had requested, including an extended warranty, trade-in and maintenance options that included tires.

The base price of the vehicle was bid at $28,580, but when an exterior light bar ($6,995), extended warranty and maintenance package were added, the cost was set at $29,580.

The council approved the request for the new vehicle from Yehlik. Alderman Mike Montello abstained from the vote because he is employed by Bernard’s Northtown.