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2017 Spring General Election

New Richmond Board of Education

Name: Chris Skoglund

Age: 60

Occupation: Retired from “Stay at home Mom.” (They grew up)

Family: Husband Steve; children Michael, Thomas and Natalie

Prior elected offices held:  None

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Wisconsin Association of School Boards Member

What prompted you to seek election?    

I have had the honor of serving on the board of education for 15 years. Over that time, I have seen incredible things happen in New Richmond. We passed a referendum for new schools.  We have added new programming and activities to go along with the new schools. Our administration, our teaching staff, and all of our support staff are extremely professional and dedicated to the education of all students. They are committed to our Core Purpose: Inspire every student to learn to his or her potential. The board of education team I work with are passionate about our community and education. I’m running for reelection because I see exciting times for our schools ahead and I want to be part of that team.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to “most important single issue.” Administration and the board have been working on a five-year strategic plan. We have been using our work sessions to address the six pillars of the plan. Parents and Community, Facilities, Students, Innovative Instruction, Staff, and Technology. Within our discussions the one issue that stands out for me is getting kids college or career ready. I believe in the future this will look much different than it did a few years ago. More emphasis on getting college or tech ed credits while still in High School? What does career ready look like? What careers will be in demand in the future?

If elected, I look forward to working with our staff and community on this issue to continue to improve education in New Richmond.

How might voters find out more about you online? Voters may e-mail me at

Name: Paula J. Kolbeck

Age: 49

Occupation: Director of Human Resources & Risk Management

Family: Husband, Dave; and two daughters in the school district (Elise is a junior and Allison is in eighth grade)

Prior elected offices held: Running for my third term on the Board of Education Clubs, organizations and civic involvement; Serve on the WITC Supervisory Management and Human Resources Advisory Boards, have also served on the board of the New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce, New Richmond Rotary Club as well as volunteer in many areas for our church and other non-profit organizations.

What prompted you to seek election? It’s all about the kids! I want to contribute by making informed decisions on what is best for all of the students in the School District of New Richmond. I am passionate about ensuring each child has the educational opportunities that set them up to succeed not only while in school but on his or her life journey. I care about our community and being a school board member is a way that I can give back to the residents of our district. We are blessed with great teachers and administration in New Richmond that care about our students. It is truly an honor to be part of this school district!

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

The budget and funding are something we continually keep our eye on as board members.

We are fortunate to be in a growing community and this means we must continually prepare and plan for future expansion in the school district.

Name: Marilyn D. Duerst

Age: 75

Occupation: Retired in 2015 from a 50+ year teaching career, including 34 years as a chemistry professor, UW-River Falls

Family: married to Richard Duerst, six children, 15 grandchildren

Prior elected offices: Board of Education, New Richmond, 9 years; Chair, Minnesota Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2 years; national governance board of the ACS 11 years; Board of Control, CESA #11, 1 year; Board of Directors, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin, 4 years.

Clubs, organizations, civic involvement: local section and national ACS; National Chemistry Week outreach events, presentations for children in schools and regional libraries for several decades.

What prompted you to seek election?

As an educator myself for more than fifty years, including teaching classes and workshops for pre-service and in-service teachers, children and senior citizens, I have brought an in-depth and broad perspective on curriculum and pedagogy to the Board of Education for close to a decade, and wish to continue doing so.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

Striving for the highest quality educational experiences for all our children is our top priority. New Richmond has made great progress in adopting curricula across the academic disciplines that encourage critical thinking skills development and offer a breadth of course options on the high school level. I will continue to encourage collaborative efforts among our teaching staff and wise use of funds and resources.

Name: Shaun Bird

Age: 42

Occupation: Plumber/Property Manager/Small business owner

Family: 14 year old son

Previous offices held: I have not held a prior elected office

Civic involvement: Volunteer assistant wrestling coach at the high school for 10 years.  

Reason for seeking election: I always am wanting to give back to the community. New Richmond has been a great place to live for me and my son. This seems like a great way to be involved and contribute. Having a business and sales background, I have the ability to communicate with both faculty and the community. My volunteer time at the high school working with young people, teaching staff, and administration has giving me a great insight on what is going on at the school and where I would be able to help the most.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years? Community involvement would be the biggest single issue. Over that last 10 years of volunteering at the school, I was able to see the side from inside the school and from the community perspective. We have this great community in New Richmond full of talented people who are very giving, but I have always seen a disconnect between the community organizations and the schools. We need to get the community more involved and a part of our school system. I believe we all want what is best for our kids, and I hope to be able to bridge that gap.

Somerset School Board

Name: Bob Gunther

Age: 40

Occupation: Public works director

Family: Daughter, Avery

Prior elected offices held: Current chair of the Somerset School District Board of Education Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Various community and church volunteering opportunities

What prompted you to seek election?

The School District of Somerset has always been important to me. Looking back in life, one of the most fortunate things that I was able to experience was being educated in the Somerset school system. My hope is that current students will also reflect positively on their school careers at Somerset. The current board of education works diligently with administrators to constantly improve the education we provide for our students. I am excited to continue working with a great team of board members as well as working with our new district administrator to achieve great things for our schools.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

Communication. It is the essential driving factor of achieving community support of our great schools.

With open collaboration with the surrounding local government units, our taxpayers (with or without school age children), and local business leaders, the school district will not only be able to better identify common concerns held by our constituents but also work with our constituents to improve our schools.

With effective and transparent communication, we can build trust and support with members of our community. The school district has taken steps to improve our communication by including the chamber of commerce, local government leaders, and community members to collaborate with school leaders in developing the new strategic plan. Though there are many issues that I could have listed as being the most important, I feel improvements in communication can be the answer to eliminating other identifiable issues that exist within the Somerset School District.

How might voters find out more about you online?

Anyone wishing to speak with me may contact me at: 715-247-2550.

Name: Melissa Wright

Age: 38

Occupation: Nutritional Program Manager for St. Croix County Aging and Disability Resource Center

Family: My husband, Keith, four children, Jacob (14), Katelynn (11), Jackson (9) and Lillian (6)

Prior elected offices held: None

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Former Girl Scout Leader, served on the Somerset Parents in Education as a Treasurer and Vice President. Volunteered at the school, currently volunteer at my church and work with meals on wheels.

What prompted you to seek election? I am running for Somerset School Board because it is my time to give back to my community. I want to ensure all students have equal opportunity to education in a safe and fair environment. It is time to get Somerset back to the level it once was and doing this without losing the things that are most important to the students, teachers and parents. I want to help Somerset reach their goals and help make this a community that everyone wants to live in. Though I am very appreciative of the board members who have provided eight-plus years, I have to believe it is time for a fresh look at things and new ideas.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years? The single issue I consider most important for the board to address is to guarantee students receive the best education possible in a safe, diverse environment all at the same time staying within our budget. I also feel transparency and communication is key.

How might voters find out more about you online? Melissa Wright for Somerset School Board (Facebook page); or

Name: Marie Colbeth

Age: 55

Family: Wonderful husband Rick of 35 years, grateful for four beautiful children (now adults), two married, three have graduated college, our youngest a senior this year here at Somerset, and five grandchildren. Grateful for our folks and large families on both sides too. Thank you God.

Prior elected offices held: Board of Education since 1999.

What prompted you to seek election? Belief in our community, our schools, our kids, and our staff. Rick and I enjoy our faith and community and it is so much more enjoyable when we are involved, when we can help, when we can encourage, when we can see another perspective and when we can cheer someone on.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

Supporting others in the many ways that any one of us can. By our words, by our actions, by being available and/or by our financial support. When we work together more is accomplished. We must make wise financial decisions and that always means compromise and tradeoffs. We’re in this together and great things are happening. I’m a firm believer in acknowledging strengths and recognizing weaknesses. Celebrate the strengths and work on the rest together. We need to listen with our two ears, talk half as much, and be open to different views so others are heard. Rick and I get to as many activities as we can and win or lose we enjoy the show, the concert, the play, the presentation, the exhibits. We enjoy the ride. There is nothing better than watching people challenge themselves and giving their all.

How might voters find out more about you online? Oh, I’m sure voters can find things out online about me. I’d prefer to chat. After Mass, at school events, or just drop by sometime. Just walk in though. We have no doorbell and I can’t always hear when I’m downstairs sewing.

Chairman, Town of Star Prairie

Name: Scott Counter

Age: 55

Occupation: Owner of Home Tec Designers & Builders, Inc., employed as general contractor, home designer and licensed real estate broker with Western WI Property Services, LLC.

Family: I am blessed with a wonderful and understanding wife Carolyn of 22 years and two daughters, Kathryn, a junior at New Richmond High School and Elizabeth, soon to be a freshman. I have lived in the Town of Star Prairie for 34 years.

Prior elected offices held: I have served on the Town Board for 12 years, the last four of those 12 years as Town Chairman. I have also served as chairman for the Town of Star Prairie Plan Commission since 2003. In that role, I oversaw the development of the town’s Comprehensive Plan and reviewed and approved numerous development projects which contributed to the growth of the town.

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement:

I have been elected as Chairman for the St. Croix County Unit of the Wisconsin Town’s Association for eight years. In that role, I developed and provided training opportunities for town officials. I also advocated for the interests of towns at local and state levels and kept our town officials informed on local and state legislation and rule changes impacting town government. I am a member of the Wisconsin Realtor’s Association and past member of the St. Croix Valley Builder’s Association serving as a past president. I sit as a participating member of the New Richmond Fire & Rescue Advisory Board and represent the Town of Star Prairie with the Government Entities Network, an organization committed to intergovernmental collaboration and transparency among New Richmond area communities. I am a veteran of the Wisconsin Army National Guard of 24 years, having served 17 years in the New Richmond unit.

What prompted you to seek election?

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve on the Town Board for the past 12 years. I consider serving the residents of the Town in the role of Town Chairman as a privilege and a responsibility which I do not take lightly. The Town has many challenges facing it, including budget constraints on our road maintenance due to diminished state aids and a mandated levy freeze, remediation of contamination from the New Richmond landfill and the ongoing provision of city water to affected residents; implementation of our Comprehensive Plan, and development of new ordinances supporting our comprehensive plan. Our recently adopted boundary agreement with the City of New Richmond addresses annexations, extraterritorial development, and the expansion of the city into the township for many years to come. I have been intimately involved in all of these issues; many of them are ongoing. I believe experience and leadership are extremely important for the town board at this juncture. Experienced town board representation is critical to ensure the interests of the township are protected going forward.

I have the following goals and objectives for my next term:

  • Make responsible financial decisions.
  • Draft and enact ordinances which support and implement the provisions of our Town’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • Continue to monitor contamination issues from the New Richmond Landfills and minimize health risks to Town residents.
  • Draft and adopt a long range financial plan for town road maintenance and upgrading.
  • Strengthen relations with St. Croix County Highway Dept. and our neighboring municipalities through intergovernmental cooperative agreements, thereby saving costs for the Township by providing services more efficiently

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

Road issues: Local municipal officials’ hands have been tied by real estate tax levy locks, unfunded state and federal mandates, inflationary issues, growth needs, fire protection cost increases — all of which have forced town officials to take money from the only “discretionary funds” at their disposal — the transportation budget. Transportation infrastructure is the largest asset in any municipality. This reallocation of transportation budget funds has severely limited our ability to maintain the Town’s transportation infrastructure to maintain current standards for that infrastructure.

Our town residents may have not yet recognized the deteriorating condition of many of our older town roads. Residents may see the current condition of town road infrastructure as “good” or “fair” and have a false sense of security. They may not be aware of assessments of the projected lifespan of the town’s 61.5 miles of town roads. Under my leadership, the Town Board has dedicated a great deal of effort and expense to maintain Town roads to maximize their lifespan. But “maintenance” is not enough — we must prepare for the major reconstruction costs that will inevitably come as our roads reach and pass their projected lifespans. This is a public safety issue that we must address. Residents should not be lulled into a false sense of security by casual observations that our roads are “OK” or “adequate for now.” This false sense of security causes many taxpayers to vote against spending money on infrastructure that they don’t see as “broken.” Such short-sighted thinking will lead to long-term deterioration of Town roads and compromise public safety.

This is not something we can fix in two years. But drafting a fiscally responsible budget forecast addressing the town’s needs and a developing a financial growth plan to recover from our current position will be the first step to maintaining a strong, well-run township and protecting our largest and most valuable asset — our town roads.

Name: Thomas John Heintz

Age: 36

Occupation: Owner of TNT Metals

Family: Wife, Lynsi; son Knox (6 years old); daughter, Lyla (2 years old)

Prior elected offices held: I have been on the Star Prairie Town Board for six years as a supervisor

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Leadership Trust Initiative

What prompted you to seek election?

I’m seeking to become the Chairman of Star Prairie Township as I believe I can add significant value to the Position. First, by the fact I’m easy to get into contact with as I live and work in the Township. This I believe would allow small issues to be dealt with in a timely manner before they get drawn out and become more of a problem or concern affecting our residents. Secondly, I feel that I’m very approachable while dealing with our residents.

With that being said, I like to get to the point and be straight with our residents on issues they may have.

It can be hard to tell our residents what they don’t want to hear at times, but it is something that we are expected to do as elected officials.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years? The single most important issue regarding our Township is the current and future condition of our roads and road right-of-ways The roads and rights of way in our Township are the single largest asset we have and are something that every residents uses and deals with. Our budget does not allow us much in the way of roads being rebuilt. So with being unable to rebuild roads, we need to maintain what we have to the best of our ability and that means looking at alternative ways from patching potholes to long- and short-term maintenance to road resurfacing.

How might voters find out more about you online? I have not made myself available online or through Social Media. I believe that the best way for the voters to inform themselves about me regarding the Township is to stop into my place of business where I’m readily available most days and we can talk in person.

Town of Somerset

Name: Jeremy T Hageman

Age: 36

Occupation: Minnesota Army National Guard

Family: Wife Lisa, daughter Riley and one more on the way Aug. 8, 2017

Prior elected offices held: None

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Member of the VFW, American Legion. I have been active duty in the Military for 17 years, deployed twice as a Marine in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What prompted you to seek election? My family and I fell in love with Somerset when we were looking for our new home. It feels just like the town I grew up in Scandia, Minn., in the 1980s.

Looking back on how much growing up in a small town has affected me throughout my life, I wanted to give my kids the same opportunity. I have never been the type of guy to sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening around me. I want to get involved at the start to make sure that I can be a part of keeping Somerset great for my family and yours.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years? I think the new bridge coming in will have a huge effect on Somerset. On what kind of town we are going to have. Like it or not, there will be change and it will be up to the Town Board to make sure that the changes that do happen do not affect the small town feel and small town attitude that we all love in Somerset. I feel that our plan in growth should be centered around small businesses and locally owned businesses that are willing to give back to our community.

How might voters find out more about you online?

Name: Larry Rauch

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired

Family: Married

Prior elected offices held: Town of somerset Supervisor eight years; Town of Somerset Plan Commission 19 years.

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Highway 64 Stormwater/Wastewater Coalition (Chairman) Growth Mitigation Advisory Team (GMAT) for the St. Croix Crossing bridge project.

What prompted you to seek election?

I believe it is important to provide continuity to the Town of Somerset from the time before the new bridge opens to after. This continuity would provide the guidance necessary to manage the growth that is expected in order to keep the Town of Somerset an attractive, rural-based community that people will want to live in.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

I think the expected growth and its impact on the land and water resources available to us will be very important. Given that some amount of growth will occur not only in the Somerset area but the surrounding communities as well, it will be important for us to stay involved with the Highway 64 stormwater/wastewater coalition (currently nine communities participate) and expand it to include ground water. Without good water, community growth will be limited. Some examples of these water issues are starting to show up in Minnesota communities already. These water concerns revolve around the quality and quantity of the groundwater they are using. The issues that they are seeing are not unique to them and can affect us in the same way. So growth must be managed and planned for in way that minimizes the impact on water availability and quality in the future. In addition, the wastewater generated must be disposed of in a manner that does not affect either the groundwater or surface waters in any of the communities in the area.

Name: Douglas Plourde

Age: 57

Occupation: Mechanical design Engineer at Andersen Corporation, Bayport, Minn.

Family: Married to Constance; two children, Brian and Vanessa

Prior elected offices held: Town of Somerset Supervisor, 2000 to present; Somerset Planning commission 1996 until 2006

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Town of Somerset Supervisor, Somerset Fire Commission board member

What prompted you to seek election?

Having grown up in Somerset, I have come to love the small town atmosphere, the rural settings and opportunities for outdoor activities. Multiple surveys to Town residents have shown that those characteristics are why most people live here or want to move here. Being an elected official with common interest as the majority of residents helps guide the direction of growth to maintain that rural flavor. Also, being a land owner myself, I want to have the confidence that I can do what I want to do with my land and not be burdened with over regulation.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

With the new Stillwater bridge being completed within the next year, I can see the possibility of huge changes coming to the Town. Growth is inevitable, but with proper planning and thought-out development we can keep the rural atmosphere that people want to move here for.

How might voters find out more about you online?

Name: Mike Kappers

Age: 41

Occupation: self-employed, Apple River Hideaway Campground and Tubing, Maverick's Corner Saloon, retired Police Sergeant of 15 years at Somerset Police Department.

Family: My beautiful girlfriend, Bre; and our three children, Kennedy, 6; Maverick, 5; and Titan, 4.

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement:

During my years as a police sergeant, I was one of the emeritus board members for the St. Croix Valley Sexual Assault Response Team and President for the Somerset Wrestling Club. I currently am a member of the Lions Club and Somerset Chamber of Commerce. I also currently coach youth wrestling and T-Ball along with substitute teaching at the Somerset School District.

What prompted you to seek election?

There is no other time in Somerset's history to be an active member of our future. I believe that "Together We Can Make a Difference." That means bridging the gap and having the Town Board work with the Village Board, School Board, Chamber, Lions Club, and all Civic Committees so that Somerset doesn't just continue to get passed by. We are going to grow with the building of the St. Croix River Bridge; my job is to encourage the right kind of business and housing growth that will keep our small town feel and strong sense of family.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

Some of the issues addressed at our last Strategic Planning Meeting included the concern that we are a drive-by community, that people and businesses are leaving for better services, there is a lack of funding for growth ideas, and that we are resistance to change. As a Town Board Supervisor, I can help bring new businesses and promote single family homes that attract homeowners that show pride of community and pride of ownership. Eventually my plan is to run for the school board to help with the big picture of what our community should and would like.  Strong family ties and good schools will bring us back on top.

Please find out more about me at my Facebook page and website listed below.;

Village of Hammond President

Name: Tony Bibeau

Age: 46

Occupation: Service Technician at EO Johnson Business Technologies

Family: My wife Kristen and Bella, our 8 1⁄2 year old black lab

Prior elected offices held: Village Trustee from Dec. 2008-April 2011. Village President from April 2011-present

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: I am an active member of this community and have been for 35 years. With no plans on moving, I am proud to call Hammond my “forever home.”

I am on the Board of Commissioners and finance committee for United Fire and Rescue. I am on the planning commission and the Board of Appeals for the Village of Hammond. I am a member of the Economic Development Committee and an active member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

What prompted you to seek election?

I value and care about our community and respect everyone’s opinion. The residents and the employees of this Village are very important to me. I have made myself available to them whenever requested and will continue to do so if re-elected as maintaining a trustworthy and open line of communication has always been my goal. Many Village employees and residents talk to me regularly and share their concerns; this enables me to keep up with current issues. I have established many relationships over my lifetime in Hammond, all of which I cherish. My reputation of honesty is important to me, therefore I have no hidden agendas.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

The seepage cell issue. I will continue working with our litigation counsel and the Village board to address the deficiencies with the seepage cells at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Having adequate sewage treatment capacity is essential to attract new development to the Village.

The cells are currently not able to handle the treatment capacity we were promised. I'm not happy that this ended up in litigation, but it's necessary to do whatever it takes to ensure that we have adequate treatment capacity for the future. Once we are able to get our sewer plant working at or near full capacity, we can then focus on bringing additional businesses into our community to generate more revenue. By adding more users to the system, we will be able to spread out the operating costs over a larger number of users and thereby hopefully lower the existing water/sewer rates for our residents.

How might voters find out more about you online? You can find me on Facebook under Anthony Bibeau.

Name: Sandy Brecht

Age: 57

Occupation: Owner of Sandy Brecht Photography

Family: One adult son

Prior elected offices held: Village trustee

Civic involvement: I’m involved in the senior dinner nights at the nursing home; chamber member; involved in Hammond community events; supporter of the Hammond Community Library and the Hammond Art Alliance.

What prompted you to run for election: I like to be involved in the town to work toward making Hammond a better place for all who live here. I would like to see more businesses come to Hammond. I would also like to see more things for kids to do in town.

Important issues: we need to find a fix for our sewer; I don’t believe anyone can make the water bill go away, but I do think there are other ways we can take some of the costs off of the residents.

Online: I have a Facebook page and a website that anyone can go on and look at. However, everyone is always more than welcome to come in and talk to me anytime.

Hammond Village Trustee

Name: Laurie Gruber

Age: 54

Occupation: Public Relations

Family: Married to Jim Gruber

Prior elected offices held: Have been on the board for four years

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Active in Immaculate Conception; Recording Secretary to the Greater West Central Area Labor Council; Co-Host Labor Talks at Chippewa Valley Community Television

What prompted you to seek election? I wanted to help our village turn around the problems with our sewer/water system and to help everything run more smoothly.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

We have to bring the Water/Sewer Litigation to a successful end, for what is best for our community and for future growth.

Name: Rob Ward

Age: 50

Occupation: Union tradesman for 20+ years. After a back injury/surgery I became a building inspector. Currently employed by the City of Arden Hills, MN.

Family: Happily married to my wife Darci for 23 years; three adult children.

Prior elected offices held: I was appointed to Village Board when Sandy Brecht resigned on 10/13/14 and have served since then.

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Volunteer Firefighter with United Fire, Hammond Station from 1994-2005. Hammond Planning Commission 5/12/14 – Current.

What prompted you to seek election? I seek to continue to participate in and affect change for the better of Hammond. Instead of sitting around talking about all the ways Hammond could improve, I feel there is a chance to make a difference. I guess the best way to say it is that I saw some things that were broken and I want to help fix them. I will continue to serve by looking out for the best interest of the citizens and my vote on the council will always be for what benefits the whole village. I will listen to new ideas and act with old fashioned common sense. We need to preserve the past while continuing to design a prosperous future for our village.

What issue is most important to be addressed in the coming two years?

The residents of the village of Hammond elect those who represent them. With less financial resources to work with than ever before, I realize some tough decisions must be made. In making those decisions, an assessment of the impact on the community must be made. The challenge will be on how to minimize the impacts to the community while doing what is in the best interest of the community. I think the things that we need to concentrate on are already pretty clear. We need to ensure the funding of essential services while getting the most for every penny spent on these services. I will seek all available options and information before taking any action.

I also want to dedicate my efforts in helping to grow economic opportunity for residents of Hammond through promoting expansion of existing businesses and in creating a commerce friendly environment for attracting new businesses to our Village.

I know everyone complains about the cost of the village sewer. Realistically, the cost will probably never go down, but the issue at hand now is that the sewer plant isn’t running to its potential, nor has since its first day of operation. That in turn makes the village turn away new business and new residential developments. The village is currently taking legal actions to correct this issue.

Above all, loss of public trust. This is such an important and fundamental issue. We must have improved communication with the media and especially our residents so they understand the reasons for Village Board actions. “Public office is a public trust!” Grover Cleveland, our 22nd and 24th president said those words over 100 years ago. Public office means just that; the public is supposed to be served.

Candidates Kristy Olson and Tony Endres did not complete a questionnaire for the New Richmond News. Their names will be included on the spring ballot.

Village of Somerset

Candidates running for supervisor and appearing on the spring election ballot in the Village of Somerset are as follows:

Tony Lueck

Robert Campbell

Christopher Terwedo

Alvin Peterson

Mark Wanyama