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Roberts Village Board approves preliminary stormwater management plan

Trustees heard from Stevens Engineer Angela Popenhagen, at their meeting Monday night as she briefly reviewed highlights of the Stormwater Management Plan she intended to submit to the Department of Natural Resources on behalf of the Village of Star Prairie.

"Right now this is a still a draft. If you vote to approve it, your approval will still be contingent on comments from the DNR and Highway 64 Coalition both of whom still have an opportunity to comment on the plan," said Popenhagen.

In their preliminary review of the plan, the DNR requested more focus on water quality issues given that the village received funding for the plan from the St. Croix River Crossing mitigation funds which are designated in part to improving water quality within St. Croix County.

Popenhagen was clear that the suggested strategies and improvements sighted in the plan are intended to be implemented coinciding with continued development or redevelopment as opportunities present themselves. There are no plans to seize properties and begin putting in new pipes and ponds.

The plan estimates the cost to implement all of the recommended improvements at $5 million, another reason to phase in the plan over time.

The plan includes suggestions to update the village's stormwater and erosion control ordinances, maps detailing the existing drainage plan, existing storm sewers, problems areas, and proposed improvements including new piping and ponds. The plan also details strategies to improve water quality such as a newsletter to educate residents about the negative impacts of fertilizer usage, more frequent street sweeping to minimize sediment entering the river, and painting pipes to identify those that empty directly into the river.

Trustees voted to approve sending the plan on to the DNR and Highway 64 Coalition for their comments.

Other business

• Trustees set Wednesday, May 10 at 6:05 p.m. as the date and time for a public hearing to discuss amending Downtown Business District (b) Permitted Principal Uses to allow dog-training services.