Annex grants city of New Richmond two properties


Properties in the towns of Stanton and Richmond totaling about six acres will shift districts to the city of New Richmond following unanimous votes by the St. Croix County County Administration Committee Sept. 20.

The Stanton property, a parcel just under one acre that contains a business and a private home between Noble Road and Highway 64, will shift from Ward 1 in Supervisor District 2 to Ward 2 in Supervisor District 12.

County Supervisor Roger Larson, whose district previously encompassed the property, will hand the parcel off to Supervisor Daniel Hansen.

The Richmond property, 1642 160th St., will also be annexed to the city of New Richmond. A single family home and two accessory buildings sit on the five-and-a-half acre parcel.

Formerly represented by Supervisor Andy Brinkman in the Ward 2 of District 14, the property will now fall into Ward 11 of District 13, which Supervisor Scottie Ard represents.

Both annexations passed with minimal discussion.

"We will be adding this item to the list of changes to the bylaws when we do that next time," said Administration Chair Roy Sjoberg.