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Wisconsin roundup: Man accused of Lambeau rampage makes court appearance; more state news stories

GREEN BAY — The 40-year-old man accused of ramming five vehicles at Lambeau Field last week has made an appearance in a Brown County courtroom today Tuesday.

Chay Vang is facing four charges of recklessly endangering safety. He had argued with a coworker in the food services area before he was fired. Vang apparently returned Friday to continue the argument. He rammed his vehicle into the one where his target was sitting, then chased the man into a storage area of Lambeau. A lot of damage was done, but no people were injured.


Madison mayor to start gubernatorial campaign ‘in a few weeks’

MADISON — Paul Soglin is asking his supporters to spread the word that he will run for governor.

Soglin, Madison’s mayor, says he will make his campaign announcement in a few weeks, but first he wants to see the potential benefits of using Facebook. He says social media will play an important role as he runs after thinking about the idea for the last seven months.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has called the 72-year-old Democrat an “unabashed throwback to the 1960s radical liberal.” Soglin has been Madison’s mayor for several different terms since 1973.


Upper Midwest farmers frustrated by gray wolf protections

WASHINGTON — Farmers in the Upper Midwest say the federally protected gray wolves are eating their livestock and costing them money

Federal regulators took the gray wolf off the endangered species list six years ago, but the move was blocked in the courts. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson wrote a bipartisan bill to life the protections and let farmers shoot the wolves, but it hasn't been considered yet. The Wisconsin Republican introduced the measure almost one full year ago. The group Defenders of Wildlife agrees there is no threat of extinction, but maintains there needs to be a management plan in place before the protections are removed.


Emergency responders rescue man from burning building

MARSHFIELD — Marshfield Fire and Rescue personnel pulled a man from his burning apartment to safety Christmas Eve.

The man lived above Mr. G's Saloon. Emergency responders say the man was alert and talking to them as he was taken to Marshfield Medical Center. His name hasn't been released. He was later transferred to a Madison hospital. Authorities haven't said how badly the man was hurt. A dog died in the fire.


Wis. Obamacare enrollment figures fall

MADISON — The federal government reports six percent fewer Wisconsin residents have signed up for insurance on the website.

As of Friday, the total was about 15,000 fewer than the 243,000 who enrolled last year. The number is 8.8 million enrollees nationwide. Several factors could account for fewer enrollees. The 2016 enrollment period was twice as long and the money spent on advertising this year is much less.


Man suspected of arson may have torched other buildings, police say

LA CROSSE — Surveillance video led La Crosse police to an arson suspect who is accused of setting an apartment building on fire.

The 62-unit complex had to be evacuated last Friday at about 3:30 a.m. The video showed 43-year-old Edward Foster enter the first-floor trash room where the fire started. Police say Foster claimed he was home all night at first, but changed his story when he saw the video. They say he eventually admitted lighting a paper bag on fire in the dumpster.

That led to his admission of starting two other fires. La Crosse police investigated 11 suspicious fires over a six-month period. Foster hasn't been charged in those cases.


Doctor commits suicide, ending hospital standoff

MILWAUKEE — SWAT team members joined Milwaukee County deputies and hospital security in an effort to end a dangerous situation Monday.

A 43-year-old physician at Medical College of Wisconsin had pointed a gun at another worker Christmas day, then threatened to kill himself. Law enforcement officers searched the hospital for Dr. Wayne A. Hendrix before finding he had barricaded himself in a room. When the SWAT team entered the room, they found the doctor was dead. Frodtert Hospital confirmed the suicide. Nobody else was injured.


Police say trio of youthful car thieves included boy, 12

MADISON — The Madison Police Department says its officers arrested three teenagers when they jumped out of a stolen car and started running.

The car had been taken from a house on Allied Drive the day before when its owner left it running with the doors unlocked. Police say five or six teens had been in the car when the officer tried to make a traffic stop. A second officer watched the young thieves dump it a few blocks away and several of the runners were rounded up. Police say the suspects are 12, 13 and 16 years old. The oldest is also accused of possessing a gun.


Caledonia family Christmas presents swiped; neighbors come through

CALEDONIA — Caledonia police say a burglar broke into a house three days before Christmas, stealing all of a family's presents.

The homeowner and her granddaughter say they left for just a moment to run a quick errand. When they came home, someone had broken through the dining room window and ransacked the house for valuables. In addition to Christmas presents, the burglar also took jewelry and electronics. It didn't take long for word to get around. Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin saw the social media posting by Caledonia police and a member visited the house with arms full of presents.


Charges to be filed against Midwest Horse Fair leader

PORTAGE — The Columbia County district attorney plans to file theft charges against the former executive director of the Midwest Horse Fair next month.

Fifty-year-old Rhonda Reese of Columbus is accused of stealing almost $240,000. Investigators say she used the money to pay college tuition and make personal purchases. Reese was fired in July and she was arrested during a traffic stop in Columbus last week, making a court appearance last Thursday. She was head of the horse fair from 2007-2017.