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Who's running for local office in April?

As the filing deadline passed last week, contests developed for 14 of the 19 districts for St. Croix County Board, as well four Somerset School Board seats, three Hammond Village Board positions, two New Richmond School Board spots, two Somerset Town Board seats, and three St. Croix Central School Board positions.

Somerset Village Board only has three candidates set to run for four open board seats, while Roberts Village Board only has two candidates for four open seats. Roberts Village Clerk Megan Dull said they're hoping to get two write-in candidates who will be willing to serve. Of the top four vote-getters, the one with the least votes will serve a one-year term. The rest will serve two-year terms.

Spring elections will be held April 3, with primary elections (if necessary) preceding on Feb. 20. The following seats and issues will go before voters in April:

(* denotes incumbent)

St. Croix County

Circuit Court judge Scott Needham* is running unopposed.

Filings were pouring in as the deadline approached last week, and in the end races developed for 14 seats on the 19-member St. Croix County Board.

Five incumbents are running unopposed

District 1: Matt Foucault, Chris Polfus, Ed Schachtner. Ryan Sicard* did not complete filing (includes Wards 1 and 2 of town of Somerset and Wards 1-4 of village of Somerset.)

District 2: Scott J. Nordstrand will run against Chris Matter*.

Ring stepped down from the position in September after announcing her new position with Family Resource Center of St. Croix Valley, which she said could cause potential conflicts of interest.

The district includes Wards 1-3 of town of St. Joseph and Wards 3-6 of town of Somerset.

District 3: Incumbent Christopher Babbitt* is challenged by Lynda Miller in the district that includes Wards 3-7 of town of Hudson and Wards 4-6 of town of St. Joseph.

District 4: Tom Coulter*, Howard Novotny will face off for the seat that includes Ward 1 of town of Hudson and Wards 1-6 of village of North Hudson.

District 5: Roy Sjoberg*, Carla Stream (Wards 1, 6, 9 and 10 of city of Hudson) District 6: Timothy Hall will challenge incumbent Bob Long*, who was elected in 2016 to his first term. The district includes Ward 2 of town of Hudson and Wards 5, 8, 11 and 12 of city of Hudson.

District 7: Incumbent Tammy Moothedan* is challenged by Rory O'Sullivan, who ran for St. Croix County District Attorney in 2016. Moothedan was appointed Aug. 1 to finish the 2016-2018 term after the April resignation of Laurie Bergren. The district encompasses Wards 2, 3, 4 and 7 of city of Hudson.

District 8: Incumbent Scott J. Nelson* is challenged by Dan Fosterling. The district is Wards 8-14 of town of Hudson.

District 9: Jill Ann Berke* faces opposition from Robert Fiedler, in the district that covers Wards 1-6 in the town of Troy. District 10: Incumbent Dave Ostness is challenged by Jacqueline Niccum in the district that includes Wards 1-4 city of River Falls, Wards 2 and 3 town of Kinnickinnic and Ward 7 town of Troy. District 11: Incumbent Roger Larson* will square off against Gary R. Hanson for the seat that represents Ward 1 village of Star Prairie, Ward 1 town of Stanton and Wards 1-5 town of Star Prairie.

District 12: Daniel Hansen* will be challenged by Mike Montello. This district includes Ward 6 town of Star Prairie and Wards 1-3 and 7-9 city of New Richmond. District 13: Newly appointed supervisor (Aug. 1, 2017) Scottie Ard*will run against Ryan Sherley, whom she defeated with a 12-5 St. Croix County Board vote. The district is Wards 4-6 and 10-12 of the city of New Richmond.

District 14: Andy Brinkman* will run unopposed. This district covers Ward 1 of town of Erin Prairie, Wards 1-5 of town of Richmond and Ward 1 of town of Warren

District 15: John Kraft will challenge David Peterson* (Wards 1 of towns of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley and Rush River; Wards 2 and 3 of town of Warren and Wards 1-4 of village of Roberts).

District 16: Paulette Anderson* will run unopposed. She represents Ward 1 of town of Baldwin, Wards 1-3 of town of Hammond and Wards 1-4 of village of Hammond.

District 17: Judy Achterhof* will also run unchallenged. She represents Wards 1 of towns of Cylon, Emerald, Forest and Glenwood and village of Deer Park and Wards 1 and 2 of city of Glenwood City.

District 18: Shaela Leibfried* faces no opposition for her seat representing Ward 2 of town of Baldwin and Wards 1-6 of village of Baldwin.

District 19: William Peavey* will face William Ruesch for the seat representing Ward 1 of towns of Cady and Springfield and village of Wilson; Ward 3 of village of Spring Valley and Wards 1 and 2 of town of Eau Galle and village of Woodville.

Village and town boards

Deer Park Village Board: After a caucus, Louis Baxter Ludovico was nominated for the lone trustee seat, currently held by Bob Kobs, who is not running.

Hammond Village Board: Sandra Nelson* will run unopposed for the municipal court judge position, while four candidates will vie for three village trustee positions, Bob Trudell*, Lynn Pabst*, Mark Benton* and newcomer Howard Evans.

New Richmond City Council: Three alderperson seats, Mike Montello* (District 4), Ron Volkert* (District 5), and Jim Zajkowski* (District 6) are all unopposed; Mayor Fred Horne* will also run unopposed.

Richmond Town Board: Two supervisor seats, Richard Berquist* and David Naser*.

Roberts Village Board: Three two-year trustee positions and one one-year trustee position, Katy Kapaun* and Chad Svacina*; Nathan Stork* filed non-candidacy paper, while Rand Waughtal* did not turn in papers. As of the deadline, no other candidates filed papers during a 72-hour extension.

Somerset Town Board: Two supervisor seats; candidates filed: Shane Demulling*, Lenny Germain*, Bill Lawson and Tim Witzmann.

Somerset Village Board: Four trustee seats, James Chandler*, Bartt Palmer*, and Ron Hill. Ryan Sicard* did not file candidacy papers, as did no one else by deadline.

Star Prairie Town Board: Two supervisor seats, Michele Hermansen* and Brian Duggan. Declaration of non-candidacy was filed by Joe Schachtner*.

Star Prairie Village Board: Two trustee seats, Craig Matthys* and Dustin Howe*.

St. Joseph Town Board: Two seats, currently held by Steve Bohl and Laurie DeRosier. Caucus is Jan. 11.

School boards

New Richmond School Board: Two board member seats, Richard Hinz*, Kent Elkin and Bryan Schafer. Marty Wold* filed noncandidacy papers.

Somerset School Board: Three three-year board members positions and one two-year term are up for grabs. Candidates filed include Bruce Baillargeon, Caran L. Baillargeon, Catherine Cranston, Nancy Dressel*, Bob Gunther, Julie Lange, Terry Otradovec, Patty Schachtner*, John Siggens and Shari Walters.

St. Croix Central School Board: Three board member positions open, with four filing: Scott DeGross*, Howard Kruschke*, Tricia Rogers and Kay Zwald*.