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Village of Star Prairie Board ponders ball field signage

The Star Prairie Board of Trustees tabled a recommendation from the Park Committee to dismantle center field signage at the village ball field at their meeting Wednesday, April 11. In part, the recommendation was based on the sub-market rate the current advertiser, Gibby's Lanes, is paying for the space. The structure itself may be unsound.

"We discussed this at length at the last Park Board meeting about removing the structure in center field where the Gibby's advertising sign is. That was due to the cost it takes sell the advertising, to replace the sign, the upkeep of the building itself and to open up the sight lines as well. It's been there forever and we just didn't feel the need for it so the Park Committee made the motion to remove it," said Board President Chad Peterson.

The advertising rate for that particular sign is $3,000 for three years or the equivalent of six standard ballpark advertising signs.

"It needs to be inspected. We need to get up there and look at it. It the timbers and supports are rotten, it needs to come down. If it could be simply repaired for a couple hundred bucks, it's worth getting back the $3,000," suggested Trustee Dustin Howe.

Contingent on a physical inspection of the structure and provided the structure is in good shape or can be repaired at minimal cost to the village, the trustees agreed to offer Gibby's the opportunity to renew the contact at full price or seek another advertiser.

Other business

• Police Chief Josh Hecht reported the department is reviewing eight applications for the vacant officer position. The field will be narrowed to three ahead of interviews by the Police Committee.

• Hecht reported the department intends to join the Roberts Police Department on a grant program which would fund body cameras for department personnel for one year.

• Trustee Dan Scherenga has submitted a grant application worth $750 to Star Prairie Fish & Game to be employed on upkeep at Saratoga Springs Park.

• Trustees approved the enrollment of Village Maintenance Operator Nathan Licht in the Village health insurance plan. The trustees agreed the Village will pay 85 percent of Village Maintenance Operator's premium. The current premium is $442.39 per month.