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Star Prairie: Plan to repave portion of Main Street moves forward

It appears that $16,398.75 worth of Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) funds initially secured for reconstructive work on Utgaard Street in 2015 have been redirected for use on reconstruction of a short section (331 feet) of Main Street north from the stop sign on Highway 65 in Star Prairie.

Stevens Engineer Angela Popenhagen explained to trustees at the village board meeting Wednesday, May 2, that the scope of work on that particular section of Main Street originally estimated at $90,000 will be scaled back to an estimated cost of $36,500. The savings are the result of maintaining the existing width of the roadway and eliminating curb and gutter, storm sewer catch basins and pipe, and reclaiming the asphalt. The county is scheduled to reclaim asphalt on County Road H in mid June and has agreed to redeploy their equipment to the village after the work on County H, resulting in considerable savings for the village.

"One reason we decided to leave it as it is instead of adding curb and gutter is, that would be a pretty steep price for those homeowners to pay for a road that's a dead end. So nothing will affect them at all," said Board President Chad Peterson.

The village's portion of the project is estimated at $20,100.

The clock on the funds is set to expire on June 30, 2019. If the funds were not committed to a specific project by the end of June 2018, the money would need to be returned to the state.

Popenhagen expects to open bidding for the project on May 31 with final bids available to the trustees at their June 6 meeting. Provided the board can find an acceptable bid, the county would grind up the existing asphalt in late June, leaving residents to drive on a gravel road maybe as long as a month until the final paving can take place by the end of the summer.

Trustees awarded the contract for storm damage repairs to All Star Construction.

"The Public Works Committee thought All Star Construction was the best choice to work with our insurance company. They have a good reputation. They're a company that can handle the job. Their bid was basically for what the insurance estimates were and they'll work directly with the insurance company for any costs above and beyond that," explained Peterson.

Other business

• Final interviews for the police department position will take place May 21.

• Trustees approved the placement of signs warning residents that dogs and cats must be leashed while in village parks and cemeteries.

• Trustees approved the purchase of 100 pollinating plugs from Garden Expressions at a cost of $150 for planting in the garden on the hillside of Bridge Avenue.