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Village of Star Prairie Trustees delay Main Street reconstruction

Stevens Engineer Angela Popenhagen told trustees at the June 6 Star Prairie Village Board meeting she had received a single bid from Monarch Paving Company for $38,492.47 to handle the reconstruction and paving of the section of Main Street north from the stop sign on Highway 65.

"Bids were received on May 31, last Thursday. We had one bidder which is not surprising. It's a paving project and Monarch does paving in this area. They were the sole bidder. Their bid is about $2,000 higher than I estimated," Popenhagen said.

The road improvement grant worth $16,398.75 expires at the end of June 2019. Not wanting to lose that funding, trustees voted to move ahead with the project at their May board meeting.

Popenhagen offered two options to lower the cost.

Option one would be to reduce the gravel bed specified at 4-by-1 inches to 3 inches, still within the acceptable road standards. Popenhagen thought that could realize a savings of $3,900.

Option two would be to reduce the asphalt layer by a half-inch from 3.5 inches to 3 inches. Still within the acceptable road standard, this option could result in an additional savings of $3,100.

The county, which will be reclaiming the existing asphalt as part of the project, generally provides a number which includes reclaiming, grading and paving. That number would typically be around $7,500 for this size project, but because they are not doing the paving, Popenhagen said she thought their cost could be $5,000 or less. Because the grant requires any costs to be reimbursed to be publicly bid and the county does not bid, county costs must be paid for by the Village.

To take full advantage of the 50 percent reimbursement terms of the grant, the village has to spend at least $32,797 on this project. Those expenditures can include construction as well as engineering costs.

Popenhagen was not able to provide an estimate for her engineering costs at the time of the meeting.

With so many numbers uncertain, the trustees tabled the decision until the July meeting.

Other business

• Following a closed session, the board announced both the new Village Clerk, Tricia Maus, and the new Maintenance Operator, Nathan Licht, have met the requirements of their probationary periods. Accordingly, their respective salaries will be $21.95 an hour for the Clerk effective June 11, 2018, and $22.06 hr. for the Maintenance Operator effective May 2, 2018.

• Trustees approved new office hours for the clerk. New office hours will be 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

• Trustees approved the 2017 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR) and Compliance Maintenance Resolution #2018-03.