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Village awarded $500,000 CDB grant for well project

Persistence paid off for the Village of Somerset when the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) announced the winners from the most recent round of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applicants. A year following an unsuccessful attempt, the village was awarded the maximum allowable grant amount of $500,000 in matching funds to be applied toward the Well #5 project currently underway.

The application was submitted in May.

"Well needed and deserved," said Village President John Melvin.

Conditions for receiving the grant require the village to raise matching funds totaling $500,000.

In conjunction with the awarding of the grant, the trustees approved an agreement with MSA to manage the CDB grant as well as a Safe Drinking Water Loan from the DOA for an additional $45,000.

An MSA representative informed trustees that as managers of the block grant, MSA had already applied for, in June, and received approval of a Safe Drinking Water Loan from the DOA.

The Village Public Works Department is currently addressing the concerns of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission with regards to the Well #5 project.

"Well #5, we're waiting for preliminary PSC back and forth questioning. That's going to take about six additional weeks. Then we'll get the ball rolling after that and delve into the DNR's questions," reported Public Works Director Bob Gunther.

Mandatory Implementation Training for the award will be held in September in Eau Claire and attended by Andrea Otto.

At their meeting last Tuesday, Aug. 21, trustees also approved financing through First National Community Bank totaling $481,625 for the Water Tower #2 repair project. Terms for the financing are 10 years at an interest rate of 3.5 percent with no penalty for early payment.

"Tower 2, the top cap is set to be installed so that project is advancing very nicely on schedule if not ahead of schedule. Paint was picked out. It's blue, it will look nice," said Gunther.

Other business

• Trustees approved Pay Request #3 for the water tower repair project totaling $18,145 payable to General Construction Inc.

• Trustees approved Police Officer John Farrell to fill the School Resource Officer (SRO) position contingent on approval by the school board.

• Trustees approved a new Office Complex Security Policy in conjunction with the anticipated addition of security upgrades to Village Hall.