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Trustees agree on terms for employee HRA post-retirement plan

After considerable research and deliberation, Hammond Village Board trustees approved the criteria for a Post-Retirement HRA plan at their meeting Monday night. The plan will be hosted with North Shore Bank and will go into effect in 2019.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Retire from the Village with a minimum of 5 years of service

2. Be at or above the minimum WRS Retirement age- Protected Services Employees-50, General Employees- 55

3. Be eligible to accrue Sick Time

4. The Village will pay out accrued sick time bank up to 720 hours

5. The Village will pay out at the employee's hourly rate at the time of retirement

6. HRA Funds will be kept in house until an eligible employee retires

Additionally, Village Attorney Tim Scott will work to include the following three provisions in the contract:

1. Add language regarding Open Records Requests as it pertains to the non-disclosure language,

2. Include a provision for mutual indemnification language, and

3. Add paragraph regarding State Statutes protecting the municipality.

Trustees agreed on a three-year term for the contract for IT services with CIT. The monthly rate for the contract is $245 per month with an additional charge of $69 per month for a spam filter.

Trustees approved a proposal worth $1,717 from Monicken Electric to repair the receptacle that will allow the generator to be hooked up to the lift stations.

Trustees approved $2,183.33 to replace the skid steer. The old skid steer will be taken in trade.

The Village improved on its nutrients score from the 2017 CMAR report raising the grade from an F to a C.