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Wisconsin roundup: Evers standing by nominee with past abuse allegations; more state news stories

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, shown here in a 2018 photo in Hudson, said he stands by his pick to head the Department of Safety and Professional Services. File photo

Wisconsin's governor says he has known Dawn Crim for years and he stands behind her.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers picked Crim to head the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Questions have been raised because she was charged with felony child abuse 14 years ago after stabbing her son's hand with a pen. Those charges were dismissed. It's up to the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate to decide whether Crim should be approved.


UW-Stout chancellor announces retirement

University of Wisconsin-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer is planning to retire.

Meyer announced yesterday that he will retire at the beginning of next school year on Aug. 18 after 32 years working at the university. University of Wisconsin officials say the search for a new chancellor won't start until August and an interim chancellor will lead the school through much of the next school year.


10-year-old homicide suspect found not competent

A judge in Chippewa County Circuit Court has determined a 10-year-old girl isn't competent to stand trial for causing the death of an infant.

Two psychologists offered testimony during a Tuesday hearing. The girl is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the October death of 6-month-old Jaxon Hunter. The court refers to the girl by the initials AF. She was wearing handcuffs as she entered the courtroom and during the hearing was seen coloring in a unicorn-themed coloring book.


Wisconsin’s Kind seeks more incentives to expand Medicaid

Western Wisconsin's Democratic congressman wants more incentives to get the state to add more people to government healthcare rolls.

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind on Tuesday announced a plan to sweeten the pot for Wisconsin and other states to expand Medicaid. Kind says 80,000 people could be added to the state's healthcare plan. Republican lawmakers in Madison say expanding Medicaid will cost taxpayers in the state more than $500 million.


Executive bump: Evers’ aides clearing more than Walker’s

Top aides for Wisconsin's new governor are getting bigger paychecks than the people who held the same positions in the Scott Walker administration.

State records reveal almost a dozen are getting paid at least 10 percent more. Information from state records was published online last week by the McIver Institute. One Republican lawmaker objects, saying the raises are excessive — and that they reveal Gov. Tony Evers' Madison-first mentality.


UW-Madison scientist allowed to resume controversial flu research

A UW-Madison scientist is being allowed to resume his controversial approach to flu research.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka is working to modify bird flu viruses so they can spread among ferrets as a model for studying the disease in humans. Opponents say the research could cause a flu pandemic if an enhanced virus escapes the lab, or is replicated by terrorists.