Search is on for next Roberts municipal judge


The Village of Roberts is seeking a new municipal judge, after current Judge Peter Close announced he is not running for re-election. Roberts Village Clerk Doreen Kruschke said there are currently no candidates for the position.

Kruschke said anyone interested in the position needs to submit candidacy papers to her by Jan. 2, 2013.

Village Attorney Bill Radosevich said any citizen of Roberts that is eligible to vote is eligible to run for municipal judge. He said there is no requirement for legal background. He said the required training is sufficient to prepare an elected individual for the job.

Close said he had no legal background prior to his election eight years ago. He said he is not running for a third term for health reasons.

"I would also like to thank the people of the Village of Roberts for allowing me to serve as their municipal judge for the past eight years," Close said.

Radosevich said the village does have some options if no one decides to run for the position. If there are no candidates, the village could appoint a judge or potentially look into bringing in a judge from another municipality, Radosevich said. Radosevich said these solutions are only short-term answers. Ultimately, he said, the village will need someone to step forward and run for municipal judge.

"I'm hopeful and confident that someone will do that," Radosevich said.

He said the municipal judge handles only ordinance violations; criminal violations are sent to circuit court. He said the municipal judge deals with many traffic citations. The municipal court does sometimes handle cases that could be considered criminal violations but can also be treated as ordinance violations.

"An example would be illicit drugs, like marijuana," Radosevich said. He said having a municipal judge is very important in order to settle ordinance violations quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Anyone interested in learning more about the position can contact the village hall at 715-749-3889.