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Rep. Jarchow to run for re-election

State Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake) announced this week that he would seek re-election to the State Assembly.  

Jarchow made his announcement via a video which was shared on his website (, by email and on social media.

His message of optimism and restoring our belief in the American Dream has animated his first term in office. Since being inaugurated in January 2015, Jarchow has spent a day each month working a full shift at a small business in the area. He calls these days “Working with You” Days.  

From farmer, to beer delivery driver, to waiter, to garbage hauler, he has invested more than 100 hours working side-by-side with the hard-working men and women of this area.  


“Because working with you helps me understand what you want me to be doing while I’m in Madison working for you,” said Jarchow. “The job of a state representative is to learn about the hopes and dreams of the people he or she represents and then work on policy that will help make those hopes and dreams a reality.”

During his first term, Jarchow got  a number of important pieces of legislation through the Legislature.  

From protecting hunters to property rights and to enhancing opportunities to grow the emerging sport of alpine-biking at area ski hills, Jarchow’s legislative victories are already helping people.  

Many are now fixing, repairing and improving their homes, when before, unreasonable rules stifled them.  Hunters are able to enjoy their pastime free of harassment. Taxes are down. Businesses are growing. Jobs and wages are up. Local governments and schools will see millions in savings from our repeal of the prevailing wage law. And we have passed a number of bills to address the heroin epidemic, Alzheimer’s and dementia and college debt.

But there is much work to be done.  

Jarchow said, “Even though we have accomplished much, we still have much to accomplish. So in 2016, I’m in. I’m excited to keep working with you and for you. I ask for your support in this important campaign.”  

You can view the campaign kickoff video and learn more about Jarchow by visiting his website